absolutely blow your mind. And that is going to be how we decorate our What, what, what, what, what, what? So the first thing that we’re going to be talking about is kind of along the lines of storage. Okay, so yeah, so first thing that we can do is Home Builder Amarillo TX doing streamline shelves, a lot of houses have this, we have it in my home. And it’s like a shelf kind of built in. Usually it’s by the TV, but it could be like by the fireplace, there’s usually something centered in it. And then it’s like coordinating shows on either side, or just one big panel. Or like for panel, it doesn’t really matter. Just follow the different ways. Anyways, so yeah, that’s one of the majors to and also add a lot of storage space and stuff. And so that’s just really great. And you can like decorate a lot of things in there. And you can put a lot of different colors on it.

And like Yeah, so the next thing is going to be a Home Builder Amarillo TX mirror, and like a tool to the mirror. So there’s three of them I say tilted is to prevent from adding like holes in the wall that aren’t necessary. And so if you have a fireplace and like you have a mantle above the fireplace just leaned up a mirror up there, against the wall, and it will be beautiful. And then another thing is to really like you can use a huge house plant. Like in the corner of the living room, I know that my ass like a little tree, that my aunt has a little photo tree. And anyways, like in the corner Home Builder Amarillo TX program. And another way to like also add a cute little thing. And to get bang for your buck is to add like a cute little pot or something right there that the plant will be in. Yeah, so like, does he choose like a huge, lush leaf in the middle of like a focused part of the living room that no one really looks at to kind of capture some eyes. And then you could also like really update some like a super old fireplace by painting the brakes. Yeah, so like, you could really choose the color along with whatever other. And then also get your color palettes out and set up and everything. Yeah, it just kind of really helps a lot to have everything on the same color. And most of the time it’s a chick flick a natural light, or like a super color. Like a while color something super bland or neutral.

It makes the room appear bigger, as we talked about before because it’s so luminescent. Yeah, and then use like accent and stuff. It just make sure that there’s like good flow throughout the living room. You know, and yeah, just like make sure there’s flow throughout the living room. So you can honestly, like, I don’t know, feeling right. Like, you know, I feel like are they? Good. So you can like walk around with our been tinkering and just have like an open floor plan without feeling like claustrophobic or anything. Yeah, so that’s like, pretty important. super important. Differential furniture that you pick out needs to like for your family size. You know, don’t pick one mostly in one couch if you have six Home Builder Amarillo TX kids, you know, like, you just need to take this stuff into consideration.

Yeah, so that is just like one important thing that we should talk about. Awesome. And then. So like, when you’re first starting out, maybe the first day you should do first thing that you should do when it comes to decorating your living room? Probably just from my personal experience is to figure out like what you have and Home Builder Amarillo TX once you’re gonna get rid of so like what you know what living room stuff do you have? Basically what furniture what decorations, you know, are they still doing the job for you ready to large to small, you don’t like anymore? Do you have to keep it you know what, what’s what’s up with it. And then next, you can choose a color palette. It’s a pic, light colors, that will just set the tone, you don’t want something that’s just going to be like absolutely crazy. Maybe you want some like calming effects like blue and green or like crazy colors like red, blue, and like red, orange or yellow, which is kind of more like crazy and wild and inner giant energizing. But like neutrals will kind of set the tone for a perfect opportunity to have accidents in it, if that’s what your main priority is. Yeah, so the next step is figure out what your style is, you can use like a lot of different things for inspiration, like just honestly, Google pictures and look at Pinterest and everything. Like if you love clean lines, if you live like a more modern, minimalist thing, or if you love like the 1970s kind of decoration, that is like really, really, really good resources. And then you can also make sure that the big purchases that you’re making are further in that style.

So basically, like if you’re choosing a style from like the 1970s, like, that’s kind of your vibe, don’t go with the super modern and millennial sofa, just not going to go with it. So really make the things that take up most of the space and that electro focal points, kind of match your, your theme, you know, so it’ll just make make more sense. And then also Yeah, so like, that’s a few little tips, I guess. A few more things. So like step one, and other one is you want to like make sure color. So I know that we talked about a Home Builder Amarillo TX color palette and everything but like if you’re doing like a light wall, maybe do some light dark features, or vice versa, like a lot of people usually do like a white wall with like gray furniture.