So you’re going to want to get some tools to take care of this garden, also at your house. So you need to make sure you Home Builder Amarillo TX have a garden hoe as well as a rake, and some hand tools, a garden shovel and just stuff like that, It doesn’t really take a lot. But you do want to, you know buy the best tools, you can just because the plastic ones aren’t really great for the garden gardening, and they’re not really going to get the job done as well. But if that’s all you have, it’s all you have. And you could just save up to buy other tools. So and you can also like search how to keep these tools in good condition, because this is a key part in the gardening because these tools can last few years and years and years. And so it’s very important to do that. So another thing I want to do before building your garden is you want to know a lot of things about your soil. So like what kind of citizen Do they have? Are they alkaline? Are they acidic? Do you have Klay? Or rocks? Or do you have like just a whole bunch of different types? Or do you have any nutrients in your garden do you need to know make sure that your plants are going to get those nutrients that they need.

So you can like do a lab test. Or honestly, you could just do it trial and error. You know, if it doesn’t grow you might be that’s the reason you could try a few times before you do the lab test. And Home Builder Amarillo TX if nothing is working, Then you know, so yeah. So you can buy like the plant seeds and everything from the store. And just kind of figure out you know, what you’re going to grow and what kind of sunlight they need, because different plants need different amounts of sunlight and different amounts of water. So that really does need to be taken into consideration because a root raw is, is like a super. It’s like a super big problem. And I didn’t know about it until just recently when I killed my mom’s flowers. But it is aside, it is a thing that happens and you need to make out to watch out for it.

So whenever you are gardening, You’re gonna make sure that you’re setting enough time in your schedule to take care of the garden, if you do not have time to take care of the garden, your garden is all going to be the best that it can be, you know. So if you have extremely like low maintenance items, such as Herbs, or sprouts, or something they may be, that’s what you Home Builder Amarillo TX should start out with until you get into a schedule. Also deciding like depending on the size of your plants, That’s how much time you’re going to spend in your garden. If you have a huge amount of plants, then obviously, it’s going to take some time. So you need to make sure you’re getting those weeds out with a scuffle hoe. And or use them like as fertilizer, you need to do something with them, You can’t just let them go in there, or they’re going to go bad. So make sure that you’re watering them. And they need about like one inch of water per week. And If you don’t get rain, you’re gonna need to water my family likes to water at night, so it doesn’t drop rate. But Home Builder Amarillo TX sometimes if it’s extremely hot outside, we will water twice a day. So also you can set up some watering things around. So go on a timer, if you’re going out of town or hire someone to water them, but they really do need to be watered, like at least once a day, and really just be kept green and alive. But sometimes if they are getting root rot, you’re going to want to stop watering them so much, we’re trying to get them a time to you know, get back healthy. So that’s something and then honestly, like, let’s talk about the pros of having a garden, we’ve kind of talked, we’ve kind of touched on the cons.

And the cons are just the amount of time Honestly, it takes and the maintenance, that’s the only con that I could think of honestly, because they are so beautiful provide you with fresh produce. And it gives you something to do to start a new hobby, Maybe It’s a stress reliever for some people form of exercise for the owners. But Yeah, it’s very fun. And there’s honestly Home Builder Amarillo TX not a lot of things that you shouldn’t do. But main thing is, is that it does take time, it does take patience, and it does take effort, you know, so if you’re not putting these things in your garden is not going to turn out super fantastic. And so that needs to be known and talked about. So This is just like a little way that you can add to your home without, you know spending money on renovations or whatever.

And Home Builder Amarillo TX it can call it last you a while. So you’re going to kind of start on this gardening season during the spring or the very end of the winter, like when it’s getting warmer outside because you don’t want your plants to freeze. But you want them to last all the way until you know the next like fall. So we usually pick up our plants around like September, October. Just whenever we kind of keep we keep that as long as we can. But we don’t want to, you know, do all the maintenance for no reason for them to just die the next day. So we’ve kind of had to just keep an eye out. And it’s going to depend on where you live, And what kind of weather you have and how much moisture you have in the air.