So this is just going to be some random stuff or putting the same and I’m going to talk for about 30 to 40 minutes and see how many things can come out of it and then upload those and then just keep on doing that for the remainder of my time today. So today we’re going to be talking about pledge spray. It has an orange cap at the very top and then like a yellow little squeeze handle thing and then a bottle that is like a tin, I would say kind of Yeah, and then like a blue and orange and brown color bottle. Anyway, so you can use the spray on a bunch Home Builder Amarillo TX of different things such as wood that is finished with that is laminated glass, mirrors, stainless steel, Chrome, electronics, sealed marble, and sealed granite. And it does a really good job at killing 99.9% of germs. This was including the flu virus, the flu virus is very dangerous.

And then also, you need to make sure that you’re shaking it before you’re spraying it. Shake before you spray shape before you sprayed, hold the canopy spray eight inches from the surface. Then wipe it off with like this clean cloth and for the best results. If you’re using on electric stuff, spray onto the cloud and then dust as usual. Just order from getting all up in there and running it. Yeah, so then to disinfect hard surfaces you’re Home Builder Amarillo TX gonna have to spray until everything’s What sir, for 10 or for seven minutes, then wipe Make sure to unplug electronics before using do not use this for unsealed word marble or granite. And spot test sanitized do the same thing but let it sit for 30 seconds. About to sanitize this area right here next to me. It smells extremely delicious. And I like to stick my finger nail kind of in the puddle cuz like the puddles like why and so I like to like make these little stars everywhere with it. Probably shouldn’t do it. But I don’t want to it’s pretty fun. Today at lunch, I had Sonic with a cherry pie made and also a chili Home Builder Amarillo TX cheese tots. Those are so unhealthy and so fattening. I don’t even care because I love them so much. They’re so freaking good.

Yeah, so and you. So let’s talk about my surroundings some more. Right in front of me, I have a microwave as a beverage option, kitchen timer, auto defrost, pizza, potato popcorn, food play, frozen entree, time, power 12345. And then an admin option. And then, also in front of me, I have a paper towel. That is what from what I used to clean off with the pledge that we talked about. And then I also have a cabinet in front of me, man, it is brown with silver handles all time Home Builder Amarillo TX pretty sure I just heard a dog barking. I don’t feel like getting up and checking it out. So yeah, it’s fine. I also have like this plastic party kept in front of me with different balloons and stuff. So that’s also very fun. Yeah, and then I also have, you know, it’s so funny to me, like, we will post up the dishwasher. But there are so many different ways to load it too. It’s like whenever you’re helping out at someone’s house, like cleaning up or whatever, like if you were over there for lunch or something, and you’re helping cleaning up afterwards, it’s so awkward to really try to help clean dishes, you don’t ever know where anything goes. Or like you don’t know how they load the dishwasher Home Builder Amarillo TX because some people don’t care.

Like I don’t care if you’re helping me with dishes. I don’t care how you do it. But like, if some people really do and so like if you put something in wrong, or like how they don’t do it. You’ll just like in I don’t know, I feel like it’s just kind of awkward, and you feel like you’re getting in the way. And so yeah. So it just kind of weird. And then also, you know, it’s really Home Builder Amarillo TX weird. I thought video, I saw this weird video the other day where this guy had like 30 people, and he tied his friend’s phone to it and let it go away. So you know, I’ve always thought about, like, where do those balloons go? like another they fly high. But I don’t know, like, I feel like eventually the Home Builder Amarillo TX gas pressure will just like cause the balloons to pop. Because you know, the more pressurized The air is the further you go. And so yeah, I feel like it would just pop and then that would just cause all these like plastic particles to be everywhere. And so it’s just like kind of littering. And so I feel like they’re probably a better way.

So I do it like I know that some people do, like honor people or things. But like those celebrations where they just let all those things go up in the air. I don’t know, I just feel like there maybe as a better way, like you don’t have to release the blooms, you know, but maybe I’m just being better. I like I’ve Of course done it. But I just feel like we need to be as I biodegradable blend or something, if we’re going to do it, like you don’t necessarily have to cut it out, like maybe just try something new, or try to, you know, update Home Builder Amarillo TX it to better serve the environment. Because you know, the environment is dying, our generation is not really doing much about it. We’re bringing attention to it. But then what are we doing, like, you know, we’re not doing anything to help or just like yelling at people for doing the exact same things that we’re doing. You know, like switching to metal straws isn’t going to save the ecosystem.