There are like student apartments and so I live with two other nursing students. And we’re actually like, we get along really well. Of course, we’re girls and so we’re going to bigger each other but like bickering is nowhere near fighting. You know, the like the level that me and Lauren were on and so I don’t know, like, I’m really thankful that we live together and that we get along so well. But sometimes it’s hard because we like, live together all day every day. And then we also go to class like we all have the same classes together all day every day. And so the only time that like we really get a break is if we hang out with other friends. Like we all have different friends within Home Builder Amarillo TX Abilene and so that really does help also. I’ve actually met a lot of cool people at nursing school. And I was like, super scared whenever I moved just because I’ve kind of have like this weird personality and like weird sense of humor. But then like, it turns out that a lot of nursing students do and so I just kind of fit in.

And it’s really fun. I think that we’re going to be having a Halloween party is like what I heard. And so I’m really excited. Yeah, I’m really excited. I think that my roommates want to like dress up together and I was kind of looking online like we could do like the three blind mice or something like that. I’d be kind of cute or like, I don’t know just something cube. Also, Halloween is kind of like if he Because sometimes the costumes that people my age shoes are like super scandalous and so I really don’t want to dress like that. This feels like I would hate for someone to like post a picture of me or something or like something to happen and something rip or whatever. And it’s like the only piece of cloth on me. And so yeah, I’m just not really interested in that. So I hope that we can agree on Home Builder Amarillo TX something kind of modest. I’ve always kind of dressed really modest. I don’t really have like any loca shirts or anything. And so yeah, Peggy like always will be modest as hottest and like kind of like it’s kind of a joke now, just because I’m like an adult but I still really don’t like to dress very scandalous or anything I don’t like to really show anything off. I really just kind of like to be covered at the only time I like wear anything kind of crazy is like a skirt, but it’s not even a shirt, a short skirt. You know, like I kind of feel really insecure whenever I wear something like that. Yeah, and I don’t really like to wear it. halter tops or anything without straps either, but honestly like that’s probably just because I hate working out and it doesn’t really look that great on me. But I don’t know like nothing against anyone who does. It’s just that I don’t feel comfortable in it.

Just because I’m kind of clumsy and I don’t really like, like I said, I don’t really work out so it doesn’t really Home Builder Amarillo TX look the best but oh my gosh, you know, it’s insane. It’s like whenever you graduate high school, you don’t really believe that you’re going to gain any weight. Like whenever I was in high school, I never worked out. And now I literally like still don’t work out and I actually probably work out now more than I did in high school, maybe or like at least the same amount and I still have gained like 15 pounds. I mean, it’s been like three years since I’ve done it but it’s so insane but I like makes me feel super insecure, but also like, Oh my gosh, everyone is gaining weight but But anyways, it’s no big deal. I mean, it happens to everyone honestly. And so I just need to like get back into the gym, but it’s really hard during nursing school to get into the gym like I just kind of sounds like an excuse because I also haven’t been at the gym. And second home. But I don’t know, it just really is hard to understand school because I always like to work out so we got together when we can. But Home Builder Amarillo TX sometimes you have to choose between studies sleep and gym and say like, you can only pick two. And so obviously I’m going to pick just study and sleep. But sometimes I choose to work out instead of sleep and it always comes back and bites me because it is so hard.

Like you really do need to sleep a good amount because like at night, you usually stay up until like two and study. And then you usually wake up at like 630 for class and so it’s just really exhausting. And you really feel like you’re never getting enough rest. But yeah, it really is, but it’s like going to really pay off that’s everyone Home Builder Amarillo TX keeps telling me that it’s going to pay off in the long run. I know it is but that doesn’t make it now any more fun. Like it doesn’t make that any easier. And it doesn’t make me any less tired, you know, and so I’m really excited to graduate and just like get on with my life and stop being in school even though I’m probably gonna go back to school after if Finish. But probably like two years after I finished I can save up money and stuff. And I know that whenever I am a nurse, it’s Home Builder Amarillo TX going to be super worth it. Of course, like I had no doubt about that. But like I said, it doesn’t make going through nursing school any easier. But I am thankful for the opportunity to do this. And so yeah,