So whether you’ve had friends come to visit or there was a family emergency, or maybe you just wanted to have a sleep over, there’s no doubt that you have had people stay at your house. So one thing that we can do to help you is talk about what the guest bedroom must have, you know, this is just some like, additional things. I guess it’s not must have these are just some of our recommendations to kind of make the guest bedroom the best guest the best guest bedroom it can be that’s a tongue twister. Okay, so um and you don’t need to have all of these things Home Builder Amarillo TX I’m just throwing out some ideas so you can maybe you can pick and choose. So yeah, so the first thing that I’m going to talk about is maybe like a luggage rack, okay because they need a place to put the suitcase and I think that’ll just make them more comfortable.

And having one or two of these things would never be a bad thing. So you don’t want the you don’t want to have to make them like that put it on the ground and just be like unpacking everything as they go. And we also don’t want to on your clean comfort or either so this will kind of help you also need to have like a dresser in there because they need to be able to unpack their clothes or like maybe a closet they need to just Yeah, they just need to be able to unpack so they can put the luggage rack the luggage on the luggage rack. Or like under the bed or something. So yeah, also you might want to put by clean linens and fresh blankets in there. So when you obviously need to have freshly wash sheets on the bed but you also need to have like a fresh set in the closet or like extra blankets or anything because you never know how cold they’re going to want it or anything and just in case there’s like a incident where they Home Builder Amarillo TX need different sheets in the middle of the night. They can have them already there so that way they don’t wake you up. And then also you’re going to want beautiful tower towels. So they need to go through the wash cycle even if you just bought them just to kind of fluff them up a little and make sure there’s no mildew smell or anything and because sometimes if you leave them in the washer for too long, you know they can get that smell. So just make sure they have beautiful fluffy Home Builder Amarillo TX towels and probably like one for every two days I would say for each guests who have two guests and they’re staying five days maybe give them like two or three towels each. So yeah, so also they’re going to need a comfortable chair and they’re you know they’re going to want to sit somewhere else besides the bed.

I talked about this before in the master bed in the master bathroom or I’m sorry in the master bedroom about how important it is that you don’t do Home Builder Amarillo TX anything in your bed other than sleep. So don’t scroll through your phone, don’t watch TV because it kind of confuses your body. So you might also want to get a chair in the guest bedroom so they can wake up drink some coffee and maybe have like a reading light so they can enjoy a book or a magazine without leaving the overall lights on. And also like maybe you want to if you’re really getting fancy, maybe you want to give them like your Wi Fi password like on a piece of paper and slide it on top of the dresser or something. This was kind of like make them feel more comfortable and make you Home Builder Amarillo TX have to do less work to maybe you want to make them some fresh cookies and put them in a basket or something that could be super nice. Maybe some brownies or anything just like really make them feel at home. Yeah, so also like put some water bottles or snacks in there somewhere.

They don’t have to get up and all the night to review and also maybe something that could really put Something that could really add a little flair to the room and also like sense wise, maybe like fresh flowers or like a soft scented candle if they do have like allergies, me know, be aware of that. Or maybe do that they’re here for Christmas, put a little greenery up in there. It’ll be awesome. And don’t forget if you are putting a candle like don’t forget to include the matches. So yeah, so another thing that you might want to do is make sure they have like bathroom essentials or like just make sure you have extra ones. Even like toothbrushes. People alwaysHome Builder Amarillo Tx | Looking To Have A Home Built?
forget toothbrushes. So toothpaste, floss, maybe even a comb or a hairbrush or a ponytail or something, you know, especially if they’re your family, they can just use your ponytails but if like you’re Home Builder Amarillo TX having company and like their fancy company, maybe like from a business meeting or something, stay at your house or your hosting something, you know, these are all super important things.

But, you know, these are just some amenities that you can add that you know could kind of just make it really nice and you don’t like to put a lot of effort into them. A few other things that you can add would be like maybe if it is, if it is a company thing, like you’re having your boss day over something like from out of town or something, I don’t know something super fancy and you live in a interesting town, you might print out some things for them and like put it on a desk or something like a local list like restaurants or like attractions or something.