I don’t feel like I don’t like it whenever I feel like I’m eating dessert for Home Builder Amarillo TX breakfast. So sometimes I don’t necessarily like it. But with the Cheerios I kind of balances out. You know the breakfast feel. And the desert feel. I don’t really I don’t know. I mean, I love desert. I love sweets, but sometimes I don’t want to eat something sweet when I first wake up. But sometimes I do you know what? these donuts are pretty sweet. But I love them. They’re so good. So um, yeah, anyways, last night was a hot talk about that later. So yeah, that is my breakfast thing. Some things that I like to do in the morning also is obviously when I first wake up I have like five alarm Home Builder Amarillo TX set because I just can’t get up in the morning they want to but I just can’t I want to be able to like wake up early and look RQ but I just can’t.

So. Yeah, I don’t know. I have to set like four alarms. And this morning I even overslept. So I overslept, like by 30 minutes, so I look like a little bag of trash, but that’s fine. They still love me here they have to family. So um Yeah, what was I gonna say? I don’t remember. Oh, in the morning, so then I just kind of like roll out of bed slowly. Anyway, so then once I wake up, I like to just go in there, brush my teeth. And sometimes I have to brush my teeth with my eyes closed because I’m still kind of tired but it kind of wakes me up and then I just flesh and water my face and kind of wash it. If I didn’t watch it the night before. If I was being lazy if I just like took a makeup off.

I didn’t know my whole face routine. So then if I do do it, if I didn’t do it anyways, then I’ll still wash my face but sometimes I won’t use my cleanser because it’s kind of hard on my Home Builder Amarillo TX face if I use it two times a day. But anyways, so then I will usually the weekend they’ll go breakfast or take a shower or something and then I’ll do my makeup makeup is very minimal. I just like my eyebrows on and mascara but then I’m like if I’m going Home Builder Amarillo TX somewhere fancy, you know, I’ll do my whole makeup but I just don’t really feel like it half the time so I don’t think that my skin looks too bad without it right now just because of my face wash but it’s okay. And then I’m also I like to eat breakfast right after that. And so I was just now thinking like, how do you think a doughnut is made? You know, I tried to make a one time and it was like yummy. Like this dough and a drop in the air fryer. I mean, sorry, the fryer. And I don’t know like just didn’t turn out as good as glaze the glaze is hard to do. It’s like powdered sugar water. I don’t know what else something like that. And then like obviously the flavoring and stuff. But how do you make glaze flavoring? I have no idea. I cannot make it. I’ve tried and try to try. But we made it. We made it in class one time. And yeah, it was like an ultimate fail for me. I don’t know why I did so poorly. But I did but it’s fine.

And also what else do you like make? waffles I like to make waffles I like to eat like TechStars chic waffle shows because it makes me laugh. So yeah, I really like waffles. Usually they’re square shape, but sometimes I like it when they’re circle shape too, because it may seem kind of like a meeting up pancake, but I’m still eating a waffle. But I’m pretty sure that pancakes and waffles are basically the same thing just like different on how you cook them. I think it’s not right because it’s like the same mix, isn’t it? I don’t know. What’s kind of what I always thought but I don’t really know. Are they the same? Are they different? I don’t know. Anyways, I’m just going to keep on talking for a minute. A few more words but so basically this week I don’t really have anything planned tomorrow I’m probably gonna eat some more actually my screen get the Home Builder Amarillo TX toast tomorrow and then a breakfast here with the donuts that Mike is going to bring me but I don’t want to like rely on the donuts and then they’re not be any donut you know? Like that’s what I’m scared about. Because I have to be because I loved snack. And so anyways, yeah to answer so freakin good.

But sometimes I feel like I’m gonna get so fat but sometimes very nice. Cool. I’ve gotten so much fat early like 15 or 20 pounds. And like I don’t necessarily like look super fat but I definitely like fatter than I did. And so I’m gonna have to do something about it but I keep on saying that I keep on not doing anything about it and I keep on getting more way but like I’m serious. I’m really need to do something about it because I hate it. But it’s okay, like I stood next to me and she’s all skinny and beautiful. And I’m just like a lot of human sitting next to her but that’s okay. So it’s like 822 in the morning right now and 822 and I’m kind of wish I was asleep but I’m so thankful to be working but also I love sleeping but take a nap at lunch was kind of a Home Builder Amarillo TX mind idea is right now I love to take naps at lunch I feel like it is great way t