So let’s say you moving into an apartment or a rental space and you want to decorate it, This can be one of the most frustrating things about living in a rental, or like something that you don’t own. Because sometimes they have strict rules about painting, or sometimes they have strict rules about putting holes on the wall or stuff like that. They always have all these rules that you have to follow, but you still want to be able to make Home Builder Amarillo TX the space that you’re living in, you know, not only livable, but only like, represent who you are. So This can honestly really be a challenge. So it kind of takes some ideas. So one of the main ways that you know, you can kind of made the place your own is obviously with furniture, so you can have like some statement pieces in your furniture. You know, yeah, So just to really make yourself stick out and make it represent you, but in a way that like, you can still use the couch. So if let’s say all the walls and the rental, or white, Are you going to want a white couch, probably not.

I mean, you might. But if you’re looking Home Builder Amarillo TX for something to release, make a statement. So now you’re not going to go for a white couch, maybe like a green or, or red or some kind of pattern, just something that will really set your living room apart and add some to your apartment or rental. So basically, in every room, I would try to fill it with statement furniture pieces, so they can all be related to each other go along with the same theme. But like you need to have something in each room. So that way the room wasn’t just covered in whatever color the wall is, just like why are great needs to have some kind of color in the room. And that will really That will really make the place feel like your own. And then another way is art. So like maybe you could club with temporary, clever ideas to cover to cover your walls.

So maybe you could use those temporary adhesives to stick on the wall. Or Also, you can maybe use like black and white print out and like tape them up there with the colored tape and like kind of make it look trashy, but like and then classic kinda way to kind of make it look unique with the pop of colors Well, Okay, And so that’s just some kind of ways that you can hang it up or you can get those like command strips to hang stuff up. And stuff like that there are a lot Home Builder Amarillo TX f ways to hang things up and decorate your walls without having to put holes in the wall or paint them you know, there’s a lot of different ways. So you can also add light color into the room by the curtains. OK, so the curtains will really just add like a flash of color. And it’s time to be an adult and you know, use fabric on your Windows, maybe not just put those plastic buttons, you need to be able to put it curtains up there, Okay, and so you can like, coordinate them with your statement pieces like with your couch and something or you can use it to contrast that or really just something that is going to catch your eye and really just make you be able to show your uniqueness through there.

And then you can also use some rugs This is another way if you have like white carpet or wooden floors or something, maybe you want to prevent scratching or staining. So you could Home Builder Amarillo TX put down a rug yourself. And then this will also be a great way to not only protect the flooring, but to also put in like a splash of color. Okay, And so this can go like in your bedroom and your living room and your kitchen and your hallway in your bathroom a really can go anywhere. Okay, and it’s just kind of like a best way to do it. And then also, you could add throw pillows to your couch. So if Home Builder Amarillo TX you do have a neutral couch, you could always add colorful throw pillows to that, that could be your statement piece in the room, You know, it doesn’t have to be like something so crazy, you could just be like a pillow with stripes on it, you know, you don’t have to go crazy to add color. Okay. Okay, So another way that you can do it is if you can’t paint your walls, Maybe you could paint your furniture, if you don’t want to go buy a new furniture, maybe try that. Okay. So whenever I was in high school, I had my furniture painted yellow, I wouldn’t recommend painting all of your furniture yellow like I did, but maybe coordinating and just kind of doing like a statement piece, like we’ve talked about before. And just kind of painting a painting that I can just add some character and conversation starter. And yeah, so you could also do in the restroom, what you could do is like a shower curtain, you know, this can add some color and some personality to your bathroom.

Which if you only have one bathroom, That’s the bathroom that your bed that your guests are going to be using. So you want to make it beautiful, OK, so maybe coordinate your shower curtain with your hand towels, or vice versa, whatever. And then also another way is to make sure that there’s like enough light, then we’ll kind of open it up and make it look more spacious and more beautiful. And everything enlightened, like usually does help the colors pop Home Builder Amarillo TX more. And so how you could do this is like by little hooks to kind of hook your curtains back during the day. So the windows open, the light is coming in.