So today is Tuesday. And it is 8:03am Yeah, so today is going to be very much the same as the other days. Last night we had chicken spaghetti for dinner. So I think it’s only right if I tell you how you know the chicken spaghetti So, oh sorry Mr my friends. So first you’re gonna need to gather some materials. Yeah. You need like angel hair pasta, which was like spaghetti pasta. Two cups of cooked chicken chopped, two cans of chicken soup, one cup of salsa, boxes, cheese, two cups of cheese. And a cup of sour cream. And one tablespoon of taco seasoning. And then you can use dried parsley on top if you want but you don’t have to. So first step is to preheat the oven to 250 350. Yeah, so degrees. And then next step is you’re going to get like a big Home Builder Amarillo TX casserole baking dish. Usually they come in like nine by 13 measurements.

So grab one of those and then spray it down with either cooking spray or wipe it down with oil, just to keep it from sticking. Take your pasta. Okay, so today that you’re going to kick in some water until it all Dante you can see if this takes a while to see if it’s finished. And yeah, and make sure to put saw in there. And a little bit of butter. The butter helps keep it from sticking together. Wherever the pastas finish cooking. So it’ll be after about seven minutes after it’s in boiling water. And then you’re gonna drain it and put it back into town. And then and then you’re going to combine the chicken with the noodles. And yeah, and then crew chicken soup, salsa, sour cream, and one cup of Mexican cheese and some of the taco seasoning. You’re going to start that pretty well might take a few minutes for into the baking day. Set Home Builder Amarillo TX aside and and then talk with the rest of the Tuesday house it out. And then if you want some parsley, go ahead and add some of that too.

And then cover with aluminum foil, one of your cooking stuff that like has cheese throughout, it’s usually best to cover with aluminum foil, that way the top half dozen cooked by itself, the soul kind of keep it kicking from the inside out instead of from the bottom down or from the top down. And they’re going to go for 25 minutes. And then when you take it out, it’ll be hot bubbly. Okay, and yeah, so this is just like a quick little ready to make the transition, which is what we had last night. And it was pretty good, good. Minority ticket side to Home Builder Amarillo TX roast some marshmallows, but we only had four marshmallows and there were three less so that obviously means six graham crackers. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say four marshmallows. We only had four graham crackers. So Nathan had his own because you know, and and then me and La shared we each had one and then we just used our piece of chocolate as the top graham cracker and it was actually really cool. So you could probably do that again. If you wanted to cut back on the carbs, man. I know you’re eating us more but like still just kind of like a life hack. Last I I I clean my car me and the kids hand washed it. It was so funny.

I’m Nathan in LA. We’re just spraying each other. None around. It was so cute. But anyway, so yeah, we were sprayed the front part. And that was a really fun. Then we sprayed the way washed it and Ellie was just like really working hard to wash. It was so cute. And then yeah, so and then we sprayed this, that was the Friday and I kind of really tried hard to get all the bugs off, but it just wasn’t really happening that easily. So they’re like really stuck on there. Whenever you try. They stick so well. And it’s kind of really gross. Like you don’t really see them until you like Home Builder Amarillo TX the piles up and they’ve been there for a while. So it’s so annoying anyways, and I would take it to a car wash and I because I rain last night all my brand new wash car. But I like to clean the inside out too. So it wasn’t a complete waste. Yeah.

So I’m feeling quite nauseous right now. So let’s talk about some things you can do when you’re feeling sick to your stomach. This will be a good little way for me to learn to talk. So the first thing you could do so let’s talk about the foods that help nada. Like help relieve it. Okay, so the first one is apples. And this is due to fiber clearing out like these certain chemicals in your body and but you need to make sure because fiber slows down digestion and so that’s why my help relieve some nausea but also could do the opposite and increase it if you eat too much. So don’t really eat foods that are high in fiber, as I’m sure in every circumstance you know, but like if you’re getting a snack throughout the day eat like some apple applesauce apple juice if you can’t keep anything down and also crackers or basically just any foods that are high and start like bread and toast Home Builder Amarillo TX these everyone knows about these everyone knows your mommy sheet trackers when you’re really sick because actually these help absorb the gastric acid in your stomach and help settle your Najah Yeah, suppress it by observing the stomach acids it will in turn settle your stomach down so just make sure you’re eating slowly Home Builder Amarillo TX and overdo it and yeah so just keep a few beside your nightstand or this might help you and then one that I don’t like but I have heard about is ginger.