Hello, hello, how are we? How are we doing today? What’s up? What’s up with that? So we’re just kind of talking about random stuff today. The first thing that we’re going to talk about right now is budgeting. So you really just need to budget Home Builder Amarillo TX for anything. I mean, you can’t really like whenever you’re older, you can only just like plan a trip or anything until you’ve set money aside and everything, even if you’re well financially stable, you still need to plan and you still need to budget for things. And so we’re going to kind of be talking about a budget that has been known as the 15 2030 guideline. And so I did not make this up.

This is just something that has been told to me over the years, and it’s just like, basically a general rule of thumb. And we’re Yeah, so I just basically aligning your financials in certain locations, that way, you know, where your money is going, and you don’t spend the money that you don’t have, on certain things, you know, if you can afford to pay your rent, don’t buy a new car. So let’s go ahead and just dive right in. So basically, starting from the beginning, the 50%, that we’re talking about in the rule is going towards your needs, okay, so 50% of your income must go towards things that you have to get, okay. And then 20% are going to go towards your goals, and 30% goes towards your lifestyles, okay. So that’s kind of, it’s just like a thing. So the average income for people my age who are either in college, or like, in high school, or just working or Home Builder Amarillo TX whatever, so the average is pretty low at 24,000, okay, for the day, and if you’re my age, you don’t really have a bunch of responsibilities yet, maybe.

So, go ahead and divide your total monthly income. So or I guess, divide your annual income by 12. And if you’re on a salary base, this is for you. But if you’re on hourly, you know, just take what you usually make in a month, and divide that in half. And so 50% of that is going to be your needs, okay? So, whoever makes so if you made $1,000 a month, you know, 50 $500 are going to be what you have just been on your needs, okay. And then also, if you make 1000 money, $1,000 a month, about 300 of that is going to be your lifestyle. So yeah, Home Builder Amarillo TX and then the 200 is going to be your goals, so that how much you’re going to set aside. Okay, so yeah, so that stuff that you’re using for the lifestyle, is, you’re going to just kind of set that aside for a rainy day, you’re just going to wait and see when you can spend it and everything. So the problem is, is like the, I guess the downside of using this budget, obviously, it’s kind of confusing. If you don’t have a salary don’t make it the same amount every single month.

So it might be kind of hard. And also, you know, if you’re just starting out working, you might not have, you know, 30% of your Home Builder Amarillo TX paycheck for for what’s it called, you know, either savings or fun stuff, you might have to use, like 80% of your paycheck for your grant, which is something that I’ve really had to do before. And it really stinks, but it is necessary. And the only way to build your financials is to save your financials. And so yeah, it would stink in the moment, but it would improve, and you will be able to save more and more each month because you have money left over in certain accounts and everything. And so yeah, so budgeting is really helpful. And it’s just something that is necessary that you’re going to just Home Builder Amarillo TX have to learn how to do. Now as I’m scrolling through the internet, I’m looking for DIY project. So we’ll just kind of figure out as I find them. Let’s talk about fruit flies, fruit flies are crazy. And they are so annoying.

And they’ll fly out of the bathroom where the kitchen energy is getting your house and they’re so annoying. And this just kind of happens. So yeah, especially if you have a lot of fresh fruit and produce or under house, I know that we have like a bunch of plants, like we grow peppers and tomatoes and stuff on our front porch. And so yeah, anyway, so there are a lot of options. And when it comes to getting rid of them, and there are some, like fruit fly traps that can cost anywhere from like $4 to $100. And so we’re going to try to find a homemade solution that I heard about a few years ago, I’m using, you know, ingredients around the home. So the two ingredients, I need our dish soap, so like dawn, and apple cider vinegar. Okay, so you’re going to use a half a cup of the apple cider vinegar, and like a squirt of the dish liquid. And I have found that actually dawn doesn’t really work as well as maybe the AJAX brand. I don’t know, I still work if it’s all you have, but maybe try to go for the AJAX brand. You know, for the first time just to see anyways, and so you’re gonna put it into like a little small plastic container, and then figure out where you’re getting the most fruit in your kitchen. Or where is it, you know? If it is put it in your kitchen. Okay, so Home Builder Amarillo TX then yeah, all the fly, they’re going to be attracted to this, and they’re all going to get stuck up in there. And it’s just gonna be awesome