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online software. Home Builder Amarillo TX This software is something that we came across after many trial and errors of trying to find the software that was sufficient for us as the builder, as well as sufficient for you as the homeowner so construction online software gives us the ability to be able to put together your estimate put together budget allowances for things like plumbing fixtures lighting fixtures, as well as countertops appliances hardware door hardware cabinet hardware barn door hardware and any other job specific things that you are considering this allows us to create a full proof price for your health. So even though you do not have every single item of your home picked out when we start the build process we have budget allowances included in the price that we’ve already given you, you do have the option to splurge and spend a little more than that budget allowance and our construction online software keeps track of those splurges and any overages that you might have.

And with that ability to keep track you always know exactly how much your project is going to cost you in the end. So another great feature is to be able to keep track of decisions that have been made. So we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX like to keep a category for paint colors we like to put those paint colors by room. So you might have a category that says master bedroom. So you would have master bedroom wall color master bedroom paint color master bedroom trim color master bedroom ceiling color and any other type of accident that might go in the room. So we will load up all of those colors as they are being selected and you have the ability to go right into the software view for correct view to make sure it is correct and correct anything that’s not and then approve those selections. at the end of the approval process. We are then able to print a sheet off for the painter. The painter knows exactly every wall and ceiling and trim color for every single room in your house.

Another great feature is that you are able to see the finish look together. So what better way to see what your bathroom is going to look like with the sneak peek of the light fixture over your vanity, the mirror the faucet this see the countertops and paint colors the tile selections, all of those things you can take a look at with one sneak peek of client selections. This is a great tool for you to be able to visualize your room coming together before the framing is ever done on your home. Another great feature about this is we are able to set deadlines. So we know that we need to have all lighting fixtures and placement selected before the electrician can come and wire the home in before installation and she wrong. So this gives us the ability to keep your project reading smoothly and on track, as well as for you deadlines are created so that way you can take a look at what things you need to be making decisions on.

As a Home Builder Amarillo TX also have the ability to offer you the links to different types of specifics about your project. So let’s say you pick at Delta shower system for your master shower and you want to see what great features your delta shower system has, you can click on the link that is provided and take a look at all the specifications. You can look at all the other finished colors to make sure that that’s the one you want, you can take a look at all of the specifics to make sure that you have the correct shower thing fixture for your needs. Another great feature about construction online is the ability to submit and approve or reject change orders. So if in the middle of the projects you decide that you’ve changed your mind and you want to do some kind of upgrade to your house the contractor can go into construction online created change mortar with pricing and the estimated number of days that the project will be extended because of that change order and you will have a hassle free way of knowing exactly how much this new changes point cost you, so you are able to click approve or reject this creates

lots of transparency for your end project, like I said, knowing exactly how much you’ve spent on your project is a very big deal to you as well as to as we want to make sure that you are happy with your decisions and the only way to make sure that our clients are absolutely happy with their decisions is to keep them informed. There’s also a tracking schedule where you are able to see when the different subcontractors are scheduled so you will know if the foundation is supposed to be poured on a Saturday or the Monday or whatever the day maybe you are able to take a look at all of those features right all construction online to you to exactly what is going on with your project. This just create so much transparency. This makes this so much more different than any other Home Builder Amarillo TX. No no other contractor that we have met is utilizing a construction software.

This unique and with this many features. This is truly something that we feel makes us absolutely first class when it comes to other Home Builder Amarillo TX. We know that you are going to want the best expect the best from Chaney Construction. That’s why we offer the best and when it comes to the latest and greatest technology. You are also able to take a look at your plans. Take a look at the electrical plan, we can make changes on that electrical plan. Place a ceiling fan and area that hasn’t been pitted before or maybe delete a ceiling fan in an area that you’ve decided you do not want it in you have all of these things, click of a button to touch of your computer. We are so proud as a Home Builder Amarillo TX, to be able to offer this great feature to you, you are going to want to call us today at 806-688-9215. To schedule an appointment or you can click on the top of our website www.chaneyconstructiontx.com to make sure that you click on the schedule an appointment button fill out the web form and someone from our office will be contacting you very soon. We’re excited to