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A big decision for Your home one of the big things that you are going to have to make a decision and your whole building is colors of paint so colors to paint for your exterior of the home colors of paint for the interior of the home what type of paint to use and where. As a Home Builder Amarillo TX there are some things we see that happen over and over again that are mistakes. so one of the common mistakes that people make is that they pick a color based off of what the color looks like act on this paint swatch at the store and those things can change drastically when you get those into your house first of all a collar off the color swatch is a representation of the color that does not mean that it is actual true colors so that can sometimes post a issue with picking colors the other issue that might arise when picking Colors is the lighting when you are looking at colors at the store you were typically seeing those under a fluorescent light which is a harsh light to be picking paint colors under and you will also notice it in the paint stores there are no windows for natural sun light so when you get those paint colors in your home you do not have fluorescent lights and you have natural like having in through the window so those can drastically change what the color looks like from the store to your house the other thing is when picking a bold color.

do you want to pick a soft white for your trim color if you are wanting to do paid a trip so soft why does not look white at all on the paint swatch it will look more like a clean each house but when you but that text to a bold tone and it will soften that up and it will look white so pants watches can be kind of so a great way to test out what his collar is that you think you want is to buy little samples as well as after you have looked at the page swatches in your help to take the paint swatch books to your home pick one do you think Eli pick a few of them go to the store and get some small paint samples that we can paint this on in the room pain it is in a pretty big area and look and see which one it is that you think is the truest color that he would like to cheat as a Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney construction his expert at picking out paint colors even we have been doing this for many years and we know how and which of them are go to colors if you want to gray because that is a fantastic color scheme right now I am grays can either look blue or they can look or sometimes they can look great so making sure that you find actual gray color that is going to work well if your home is very crucial to gray is a very tricky color I got other thing to consider with paint page is the type Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo TX only uses the best quality paid any hamburger that makes application so much easier for us as well as we know that the quality is going to last long term in your house so we use Sherwin Williams to ration for the interior and exterior of your house and take her to great consideration the amount of sunlight that it is going to receive as well as the amount Of elements and it is going to be up against.

You can look through magazines and books or look online at Sherwin Williams dot com and they have a room visualizer and you can take a look what your room might look like today with different paint colors on the walls ceiling and trim in your home. We think that taking some time to invest in this is the best thing you can do with us as a Home Builder Amarillo TX.
Make sure that you ask around to our previous clients and take a look at the testimonials and also make sure that you look at the pictures in our photo gallery that way you are going to be able to see that we do a really good job that we are going to make sure you are just as happy as our other clients have been happy in there with the end result for many many years.
Remember that Chaney Construction is the most reviewed and the highest reviewed Home Builder Amarillo TX that there is in the entire Texas Panhandle and that is what makes us the best at everything that we do. Even with picking paint colors. We are the best hands down.

Do not stress and worry about what the final end result is going to be we guarantee as a Home Builder Amarillo TX that you are going to love each and every aspect of your home including the paint colors on the inside of the home and the outside of the home we do not cut any corners on any of these things at all. We love picking paint colors and we are really good at it. So you are going to want to schedule an appointment with us today by calling us at 806-688-9215 or by clicking on the button at the top of the webpage that says schedule an appointment today with the best Home Builder Amarillo TX

Remember that there is so many colors and so many brands of paint that are out there and we want to make sure that the best paint and the best colors end up in your home today and that you are very very happy with the results. Something as small as paint colors are very crucial for the over happiness that you are with your home every single day.