Home Builder Amarillo TX | Laying Out Plans

So you want to build a house what are my next steps he might be asking well the first step in the process is going to be to find the perfect Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney construction is the highest and most rated and reviewed homebuilder in the Texas Panhandle once you’ve given us a call and schedule an appointment with us one of the things that we are going to discuss is what kind of home do you want to go there a mini home planned out there finding or creating the correct one for your means is the part that we five we do this in a number of ways first look through some plants that have already been drawn app to figure out what part of the plants you like or just like or maybe you have some sketches kind of already dried up those are fantastic way to start is.

well we will take anything and all ideas pictures from Pinterest or house or if you other number of places I will come by and all of those to come up with the best custom home plan that fits your needs A Home Builder Amarillo TX we understand that there are things that are unique to our climate as well so positioning front door worst rear doors garage doors which direction the house faces because of the weather those are all things that need to be taken into consideration those things might sound silly to others but we know that when you get a strong north wind with a lot of snow you can create problems the stove so we want to take a sit.

The other thing we take it to consideration when drying the perfect plans for you it’s going to be accessibility specially sure any of our older clients we know that the elbow to you AJ at home is something that is very important so things are just curb less shower is wider doorways new ramps in the garage those are all things that need to be. Never went Home Builder Amarillo TX we also think that out of expo at the home it’s more important then the aesthetics when we go out do you want it to look good also went to function to be the number one priority so we will take a list of all of your feet and make sure that it’s all functionable for you and your space we also want to consider the amount of square footage sometimes things look bakeware looks all on paper when in all reality took my aunt Sue want to make sure that we do take you to see some of our other hotels that are comparable in size so you can get a feel for the space sometimes person makes a lot worse paper.

Great things about being a Home Builder Amarillo TX for so long we have lots of clients who are willing to let you through their home they are happy about the homes that we have built for them and then he of them are willing to open up their home so you can take a look custom home building or something beachy great as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we want to have a unique and custom homes not a cookie-cutter homes like everyone else on the street Some other things to consider whenever building is where you’re going to build out some an HOA or housing or housing addition to require that you have a rear garage were side garage or front facing garage so we deathly want to take a look at all of the specifics from your HOA or housing additions rules and make sure that they are in compliance that. One of the things that makes us unique is that we do you have the ability to be able to drive to the wrath plans using our own cat software before sending to a draftsman to have finalized to try this gives us an opportunity to be able to take a look at what I have and get back and forth before we decide on the final plans at this allows for some more creativity as well as some more time spent together learning what your needs are that makes us unique as the Home Builder Amarillo TX.

When working together the whole process goes a lot easier than you would think and it makes it smoother process for bidding. If plans are already done sometimes we have to go back and have a lot of that changed because it just does not work well in the space and it just needs to be looked at again and see if things can look better somehow else. Looking online is a great way to come up with ideas there are hundreds and hundreds of ideas online and there are lots of places to google and look at plans to see what you like and do not like. We recommend looking at few that you do not like and letting us know why you do not like them. It is just as important for Home Builder Amarillo TX to know what you do not like. There are lots of open concept plans out there but some of them still do not flow well and it makes it difficult to see that if you do not know what you are looking for.

A great way to know what will work is to talk to an expert like Chaney Construction to find out what will be the best thing for you and your family. Sometimes bigger is no better and we understand that and can make that flow and function in the right square feet that is best for you and your family. Do you want to keep from having wasted space in places like closets and hallways we can help you keep that from happening to give you more space that works in other places like master or living areas and getting just the right things for you in the space.