Oh my gosh. So right now I am snacking Home Builder Amarillo TX on some chicken fried rice, which is kind of honestly like a weird snack. I’m not even gonna lie to you but it’s so good. Um I hadn’t leftovers I don’t need it today that was going to be bad. So Mazel eat now on the more hungry cuz I’ve been getting used to being squirrel for breakfast but today well we didn’t have time because we’re all pretty busy so no you know, the fried rice is gonna have to do I love fried rice. It’s my favorite snacks include brownies, cookies, cake, and ice cream. And also apples, which is kind of a different, a different genre of snacks. Also, I like carrots and ranch. carrots and ranch are so good like Home Builder Amarillo TX ranch dressing. You know, parents and ranch dressing. So good. Every single time I say carrots, it’s not coming out is carrots. So carrots and ranch dressing.

There we go. So I have a little accent sometimes so it doesn’t say all the time what i what i say doesn’t write it so I’m gonna kind of watch that but that’s okay. Um, anyway. They’re just restaurant here and it’s called Yum, yum time Thai food. Anyway, it is so delicious. And right now I’m eating this chicken fried rice and it has bell peppers, onion and jalapenos. I don’t think they have spinach. And chicken and it is so good. No, so good. This chicken fried rice is so good. Anyway, so last night, we had the Mexican pylon. And all of our was so cute. He was like standing up with the chair and he push it becomes like a walker. And he is going to be walking so soon, you know, I think that he’s really about to just take off and he’s going to be such a little mask. Such a Home Builder Amarillo TX little handful. But I think it’s gonna be so cute. And I’m excited for Christian faith.

I want them to go ahead and have another baby like a little baby girl. That’d be so cute. So cute. So anyways, about probably not gonna happen. But, you know, an aunt can wish that’s my job now is as aunt is to just wish for other children wish for other children, which where they told her I want to be like in a big family with a lot of different children. And we have a lot. I think Jay is probably going to have Home Builder Amarillo TX her baby today. Um, she got induced yesterday. So that’s really exciting for us a new baby, but you know, so I hope everything goes great. Um, you know, I think it’s kind of hard to be mom, of course, by kind of hard I mean, extremely hard. So I just, you know, pray that everything turned out okay. And I’m for all of them. Christian to all of them. Yeah, so anyways, my brother is off at work. So I’m just kind of talking myself in this room to kind of am but it’s been easy money. So not gonna work to the golf course. I would just kind of sit there and watch TV all day and serve beer and it’s best job my life. I wish she would work there.

I love the golf cart. Because you could do your homework, you could do a lot of different stuff. At the golf course. Oops, I just kicked this bucket over. My bad. My bad anyways. So what should we talk about? Let’s talk about gas. I hate pumping gas. Okay. You know, back in the times when they used to, like, people would go pump your gas for you. I wish that was still the case. And hate doing it. I don’t mind. Well, I mean, I hate paying for it too. But that’s just part of it. So I don’t mind paying for mine. Sitting there. But, you know, I hate getting out and pumping it. I feel like I’m always doing it wrong, even though there’s really not that many ways that you could do it. I was just kind of feel like I’m doing it wrong. But you know, whatever. So, let’s talk about jalapenos. I just recently have started eating jalapenos. I have my Subway sandwich, but I get a little scared to eat them like fresh ones just because I’m afraid that they’re going to be hot. So I’m about to eat one just to kind of see if I still like it or not. But um I don’t know. I mean, I like hot things but hot peppers. I don’t know if I’m that brave. Okay, so why was why was I when I was taking a timeout I all pain Yo, My mouth is now on fire. Is it true that like whenever you eat something hot like that you’re supposed to drink milk. I don’t know if that’s true, because I heard like water only Home Builder Amarillo TX makes it worse. And I don’t know. I don’t know, but I’m drinking water. And let’s turn it out just fine. Anyways, so let’s talk about tomorrow.

Okay, so tomorrow I’m going to a concert and I’m very excited me All my friends are going to go and it’s for Parker, who is the singer, whatever. And I’m really excited. I’ve already seen Parker live once or twice but I really do like him and it’s just kind of a good singer anyway, hot so that helps a lot to anyways, so the concert starts at eight but the doors open at Home Builder Amarillo TX six and they’re wanting to get there at six so we can be in the front row because I love being on the front row concert. concerts usually go to a lot of them but sometimes in nursing school it’s kind of harder to go out and spend money because you know, I’m not working but anyway, so let me go to this one tomorrow and I hope that I can get some water burger because when I’m in Abilene I get water burger all the time and I love it so much. I love to get the right like the keto sausage, egg and cheese to Iquitos.