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When it comes to the roof of your home Chaney Construction is the Home Builder Amarillo TX to call to help you sift through all the options that are out there. There are so many different types of roofing materials and each one has a great purpose that they serve. Some are better for other parts of the world than others and some are better in quality than others. Some serve a great aesthetic appeal. There are many types of roofing that you could use to make your home look nice and last a long long time. One of those materials would be the most commonly used material out their on the market and that is a composition shingle. They come in different tabs different colors different brands with different ratings.

Finding the right one for you home with us as you Home Builder Amarillo TX is a good thing because we know all about composition roofs. We like to look at all of the different samples with you first so we like to take a look at which companies my offer the best color as well as the needs that you would like for ratings so typically back in the past you would have a rating of a roof that might be at 20 year or 30 year or a 50 year roof. They no longer use that type of listing for composition roots so they are now called class see you might have a class 3 or a class for roof which would be the equivalent of one of the year roof so depending on the quality Inn style that you were looking for there are tons of options we have lots of samples at our office that you can stop by and pick up and you would be able to take a look at what color of roof you would want that would match the exterior of your home so if you already have your home built a new just need a new roof then we can take those samples to your home at look at which ones match the best with your trim colors.

Another great material that we can use is a metal roof so this would be like a metal roof and you would think and those will last a long time so the bad thing about metal roofs is that the insurance company will only cover for structural issues so if you have a hell storm and less it knocks a hole through your roof then it would not be covered by insurance so the insurance company will not pay for the dents and dings that your roof and we however there are ways that you can ask your insurance company to let you sign a cosmetic exclusion so in the event of a hell storm you would be able to get your repairs made even if your home is lovely we like metal roofs because it gives you a sleep look like specially if you were going for a farm style house or if you live out in the country metal roofs are great we do a mixture of composition and metal roof sometimes if you have a dormer you would be able to maybe do that in metal and give it that nice as feel.

Another type of roof that you could use is a Decra roof. This is a stone coated steel roof that you can get in many colors and many different shapes to give your house a nice decorative approach that will wow everyone in town. These do have the same issue as the metal roofs though and you would need to discuss with your insurance company about a cosmetic exclusion policy to get your roof replaced if you ever have a nasty hell or wind storm that only cause cosmetic damage and not a leak or bad hole in your roof.

Wood shake roofs are another way that we can make your home look different and unique but they require a lot of maintence and tend to look a little bit bad or even look old when they are not old at all and they will make your home look more dated a lot of people do not like this look but it is an option for you to consider doing on your roof of you new home by Chaney Construction Home Builder Amarillo TX. We are going to make sure that whatever roof you choose that you are always well informed about the pros and cons about the roof before we ever get started. We also work with insurance companies with roof claims and we see a lot of really bad weather in the Texas Panhandle as a Home Builder Amarillo TX. we believe that the roof is one of the main things that people see when they are seeing your home from the outside for the first time. It will always be a good idea to make sure that you love your roof as well because we want your home to be the best in the town and the best for your family. We strive for that excellence each and every time that we build a home as a Home Builder Amarillo TX.

We have sample boards as well as some homes we have done different roofs on that you are going to want to take a look at and make sure that you are liking what you see everyday when you pull up and leave your house. This makes you feel goo about your new home. We are the number one rated Home Builder Amarillo TX and we are in our name and we want you to know you made the right choice and you are happy with the outcome. We are Chaney Construction and we are always building the best and putting the best roofs on home sin the Texas Panhandle. We are loving all the products we help select and we would not put a roof on your house we would not want on our own home.