And then other thing you do is like get a big ledge like kind of like a floating shelf but not necessarily like it’s kind of smaller thinner so not a lot of stuff can put up there, but it’s just like another way to display your art, and like it kind of keeps everything level and classy but like she also don’t have to add any more holes because it’s going to be up there and another thing you could do is like I saw this one person have a piece of wood hanging across and then they had cord hanging down from the wood holding on to their picture frame. And that was super cute and like there are a bunch of different links and stuff. And you could use it to like frame out something and it’s just super cute way to do that and you could also choose like a cool mirror to go above your mantle or your fireplace. Yeah, it’s like if you get like a sculpture one. I’ve had I like the modern day core.

Are you do you like a minimalistic just like gold circle one that’s super popular right now. Yeah. And then also you could like try a statement fireplace, you might not have like a built in fireplace, but maybe you could get one of those like electric ones I just plug into the wall, because that could be really key and then you could like build a mantle around it. And then on top of that, like Home Builder Amarillo TX we talked about and that would really help. And then another thing that you could do with Star Wars. Honestly, the main thing here is like how you’re going to display in higher decorated. So a lot of it is about artwork but that’s like what most people resort to one way you could do it is like Yeah. I’m sorry, just super oversized painting or pictures, like in the middle. And then you could also add a mirror, you know prop it up against the wall kind of make it seem like the walls open more. And then the thing you could do was like add these bookshelves. So I saw this one house were like the bookshelves were kind of like the wall was like it was like hollowed out and like there was like a huge cubby now, and they put like the bookshelf and stuff in there and that was super cute and like super minimalistic and it really looked really modern and like kind of provide a more space but still like provided decoration for that wall right there. And so, actually it Home Builder Amarillo TX was a really nice touch.

And then you could also choose like something bright or like an accent thing to go on that wall because like it’ll kind of force you to look at that rather than like how big the wall is if that makes any sense at all. So, yeah, she was pretty cool. And, which was kind of an option that you could always do just one that we were thinking of course, just an idea. Yeah, I always love it good accent piece so you know let’s do like statement wall sculptures. Like, large scale mirrors, so they have these one mirrors that kind of look like barn doors in a way. And so that could always be used and like, there’s this family had like two of them, right next to each other and so it really filled up the wall and added to the theme and so anything that adds to your theme and takes up space is going to be good for like a large. If you all. So, you want it to be too empty. And then also a super easy way to Home Builder Amarillo TX like if you don’t have super nice like art or anything that you want to hang up in the living room. A lot of people have like tapestries and I know that that’s kind of like, it can be considered a college thing, but if it looks really classy and everything I think that it could totally go on like any house, especially like if you’re on team, then it’s fine. You know, so it does take up a lot of room. And then, yeah, on.

We need about 250 more words so let’s start talking about something. I’m wanting to Home Builder Amarillo TX we can definitely talk about is Yl I love what out like that little Mike has this little orange like is the Rollie tape one, you know. Anyways, I don’t know why but I always love to play with it and I really shouldn’t because I don’t want to waste it. I love it so much I think it’s so fun and so cool and super exciting. So let’s continue on with the living room situation I guess was me I really like it’s like whenever you brick walls okay it’s like on the inside of your house I really think that like when you have like this. Break like even if it’s just what why, along with the rest of the walls, the break, has like such a beautiful subtle pop to it and like adds texture Home Builder Amarillo TX and I just think it looks so fantastic and so rustic and like also so chic and so minimalistic and so modern. So I like really kind of want that in my house I’m not even kidding.

And then another thing you could do oh my gosh this is so cute, so like in the 1900s I don’t remember exactly what year, or like what period but I do know that it was like kind of old school, but like it’s like a reflective wall so they have like squares of mirrors, covering a wall and like it makes it the room like humongous. And it also is such a good talking point and like a entertainment space you know and like I just I just think that’s so beautiful. And like, you can also show off your Home Builder Amarillo TX collections like if you collect. I don’t know like plates or something good holy shut that off on this big extra wall I got some hanging shelves and like floating shelves and just show them like if you have a china collection or like if you’re collecting, I don’t know, just like anything honestly you could just show it off like salt and pepper shakers that might be a little weird but like some people can totally show it off and then later if they wanted to.