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Chip and Joanna and canes have caused storm when it comes to remodels and renovations, as well as home building. The reason for this phenomenon is because they are absolutely wonderfully marketed as well as they are very kind and spectacular people with all of this have and commotion going on everyone is wanting to remodel and renovate their homes, which is fantastic for us as a Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney Construction.

Not only does new home builds but as well as renovations and remodels so how this affects is is that lots of people are watching these TV shows and they might have an end realistic idea about budget so you have to remember that any of these TV shows such as Property Brothers flip, flip it are listed love it are listed and those types of shows are all highly sponsored so the materials that you see our sponsorships so that means that they receive advertising for forgiving their materials at either a free or discounted rate so that causes the bottom dollar of what is actually spent on these renovations remodels are built to be quite a significant lower number.

These are not numbers that your eyes a home owner or Home Builder Amarillo TX are able to achieve through any other means other than TV media. Another thing that you see a lot on different types of homebuilding shows or home renovation shows is that they have a tendency to tell you it’s going to cost X amount and then along the way they find that the HP AC unit is not sufficient enough to hold the capacity of the new part of the home and then they come back with it’s going to cost additional X amount well for us as a Home Builder Amarillo TX, having the bottom dollar number be as accurate as possible is something that we are very proud of and take great strives to make sure that this is the number that we are giving you so we like to take a look and assess all of those things before doing any type of remodel or renovation or a new build for you. So we want to make sure that there are not any of those surprise you owe us more money type of conversations we want to make sure that all of those things are discussed and dealt with in the beginning.

Now when it does come to ripping off sheet rock, sometimes we do find unexpected things, but we do our very best in the beginning to inspect and qualify that the things that are behind the wall are absolutely in good working order. And we’re not going to run into any types of issues, be sure that your HP AC unit is properly sized for your home is a very big deal for us. So we would never want that to be an unexpected or additional costs that we have to have a conversation with you about as a Home Builder Amarillo TX. we like to take all of these things into consideration have these discussions, so that in the beginning so that these things are constantly on your mind and you know that there are some things that you might want to upgrade, but for the most part these are conversations that have already been had. So it’s very important to us to make sure that what we say is what you’re actually going to pay. So as a Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney Construction takes these things very seriously and we feel that it’s very important to not have surprised conversations.

So another thing that makes us different than these home remodelers on TV is that we are real people living in a real part of your country. So we live in a very rural area. The Texas Panhandle is a very vast stretch with Amarillo being the largest city under 200,000 population and Pampa being the second largest city at under 18,000 population. So we know that the level of skilled professional people that we were required to complete the job are few and far between. Because of such a demand for skilled and professional tradesmen we know that these tradesmen are having to charge a larger premium for the work that they are doing, which is completely fine, But when you’ve been watching too much TV, you might have an unrealistic expectation about what things are going to cost labor wise, so we have to pay more, because the demand is higher in such a vast part of the Texas Panhandle.

Therefore, we know that we must allow and budget for more labor costs than what you would see them do on things like the TV. So we are aware that these are all things that are limiting factors on the budget so it is impossible to do a home build or home remodel at the cost of what you’re seeing on TV. These are just things that we like to make everyone aware of. Since this is kind of an epidemic of watching TV on home remodeling or home building and we know that it’s not realistic expectations as a Home Builder Amarillo TX We want to give you the best quality of a new home that you could possibly get from anyone else. And we know that cheney construction, you can take a look at our testimonials page and see real life.

People who have experienced our motto themselves with their new home built and we are proud to say that they recommend us every single time we know that we are the highest and most rated and reviewed Home Builder Amarillo TX in the Texas Panhandle so please take a look at cheney constructions website today and make sure that you click on the button that says schedule an appointment to get started with your home building process. Today we will have someone give you a call back as soon as we receive your website for and we would be happy to schedule a meeting with you to take a look at what dreams, you’re wanting to achieve in your new home built today.