Okay guys, today we’re going to be talking about outdoor entertaining. And basically, this is kind of just talking about, like if you’re throwing a party and let’s say you remodeled your backyard, and you have a fantastic thing, or you have a pool, you have a big outdoor kitchen, you have everything that we’ve already talked about, and you’re ready to throw your first party. So Today, we’re going to kind of be talking about tips about how to make that outdoor entertaining process way easier, and way more efficient. And that way you can get the most out of your Home Builder Amarillo TX space. So The first thing that we’re going to talk about is zoning. And you probably like what am I talking about, but when you have an outdoor area, they’re going to be throwing a party, you’re gonna want to have stations for everything, basically.

So you want a space set aside for like your grilling, like your food prep station, okay, so you’re gonna want to have a space set aside for that, you’re going to want to have a space set aside for like a bar or beverage station or whatever, then you’re gonna want to have a space, it depends on what your party is for, but But let’s say, you know, we’re having a cookout, okay? Just regular old barbecue for family. So you’re going to have some kids, there are some adults there. Okay, so let’s talk about that. So you’re gonna want to have a space Set aside for maybe like the ice, Home Builder Amarillo TX the drinks, the food and just stuff like that. Okay, and then also maybe like, where you’re going to serve the ice cream and everything. So Yeah. And So also, like, if you want to do some yard games You could have a space set aside for different kinds of your games, such as maybe I was like saying call washers, or I don’t remember what the name is, but like you think anymore you call the or where you throw the bean bags or whatever.

Um, what is that game called? I can’t think of it right now. Anyways, you can also have a place. Oh, cornhole? cornhole is the game. Sorry, I cannot think of anyways, Um, so yeah, this could be really fun. And also like a place, maybe, we’re going to sit down and eat, That’s very important as well. And also, you might want to have some light, string light or light tiki tiki torches around your backyard, because chances are, chances are that Home Builder Amarillo TX you’re going to be having people over, you know, past bedtime, you know, past one of the sun goes down. So you don’t really need to invest in like, super expensive landscape lighting, just honestly, like maybe some string lights will do or tiki torches, or just like a few lanterns or something. This will add, like, light to your place, obviously. But it’s also going to add the effect where like people can come and have a good time, like, they’re going to really enjoy the look of everything with the lights. And So yeah, just like strength of mine. So cross some trees, cross the patio.

And I’ll be Home Builder Amarillo TX awesome. And then also, just do some quick decorating. For whatever theme it is, if it’s just a regular barbecue, you don’t really need to do this. But like, you haven’t people over for the Fourth of July, or it’s a birthday party. Just get some, you know, colored like plates and forks and napkins and stuff. And I’ll just really kind of make it, spice it up. And also, another way to do this is like adding some if you’re a gardener, add some beautiful potted plants outside. And like this little Home Builder Amarillo TX kind of really add some color to your backyard, because you don’t want to just be green, and green and green, you want to have some sort of, you know, flashing color every once in a while. And then also, this is a mess. But you know, some people really don’t think about it, but you might want to buy like a few speakers or like one speaker, or whatever. And you can play music from your phone, you really need to have music, it kind of just brings a crowd together and gives the crowd I’m going to do whenever a good song goes on, they could dance. And it kind of like lightens the mood to and really just sets the tone for the rest of the barbecue or whatever you having.

So also, you’re probably going to want Home Builder Amarillo TX, If it’s during the fourth July, kind of what we’ve been talking about. It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be the middle of July, and just going to be hot, Okay. Welcome to keep your drinks cold. And maybe buy some like ice cream or just like some cold snacks like that, because you’re not going to want to have something hot, you know, in the middle of July. So If you haven’t already decorated your remodeled your backyard and you’re really interested in it, This is a really good company to hire to do so you know, we can make you a pool, we can make you new patio, we can remodel, and some landscaping. It’s awesome. And it’s something that you just won’t regret. You know, I mean, it might take some time obviously but um you know, during the wintertime is the best time to do this because you don’t really throw that many outdoor parties. And you could like unveil your backyard At the beginning of the next summer. And, you know, I just don’t think that you can throw an efficient party if you don’t have like anything to do. I mean, it’s still fun, but there’s always, always always always room for improvement and we are more than happy to help you. How are you doing today?