I just really don’t lie ginger all but it can really be used to reduce to Minaj and vomiting. Kind of like make it about ginger tea, some ginger ale, some ginger Home Builder Amarillo TX snap cookies you are ginger candy also you and a lot of pregnant women and two ginger interested because they’re easy on the stomach and they help relieve nada. And also water just because whenever you’re dehydrated it could cause you to be nauseous and make your stomach hurt. And so make sure to like sip on water and yeah, just like drink slow and then once you start feeling better you can start drinking increasing the amount Some other things that you can eat chicken broth but whenever you need to eat a you need to make it better so I got that of chicken soup usually whenever you’re feeling sick whenever you’re feeling nauseous maybes wants to chicken broth because that’s lighter on the fat and so I going over things are lower in the fat, the better it is for you.

And he’s brought up matron Boolean shoes because it’s easy to prepare and less likely to spoil. And it’s also might help promote hydration which we already talked about. And then if you drink like Gatorade or Home Builder Amarillo TX Powerade, or basically like those sport drinks will increase electrolytes, which also will help make you feel more hydrated itself and I can also help and then bananas will also help with as we talked about nutrition, it restores your potassium, which if you’re not related and vomiting, I mean you’re losing go or so potassium levels so that can also be super dangerous and so you need to make sure that you’re keeping the potassium levels high in normal values. range. What are the pretty sure that’s like two and a half 3.5 or something like that? Two and a half to five, something like that or remember.

Anyways. Yeah, so another, a few things that you could do whenever you’re feeling nauseous isSo, whenever you’re feeling nauseous, you can always do a few home remedies like stuff that you can find around the house. Really, the main thing that you need to kind of figure out like why you’re feeling nauseous, you know, is it food is it food poisoning. Is it a migraine is a stomach disorder dehydration motion sickness you know you need to figure out what it is to ultimately get to the bottom lines but if it’s just like Home Builder Amarillo TX food poisoning or something. Something temporary. The first thing you should do is make sure you’re getting enough rest and stuff. And so avoid alcohol and caffeine, and it has like carbonation in particular to increase your knowledge, it’s really hard on the stomach, and then also make sure eating bland foods I think with a lot of flavor because that can also make you feel very nauseous. So, eat some like potatoes crackers bread, rice, stuff like that.

Also avoid spicy foods or food with like crazy smells. Okay, and then go outside, maybe. And also make sure that you set up after you eat. Don’t lie down it will help digestion and help keep you from being nauseous and picking that up. And then also try to just have that will like take your mind off of the knowledge, I know that it can sometimes be really hard to put on disability other nada but sometimes we just like watch a movie or you just go to take a Home Builder Amarillo TX nap, they can have a little bit. And then also make sure to avoid places with bad odors, because it can trigger some Najah. And then also, we didn’t talk about all of these but let’s go ahead and talk about our cold compress whenever you’re feeling nauseous. Because of your temperature slightly increase especially if there’s an infection somewhere. So like do cold compress on your neck. And if you want you come into a washcloth and cold water and do it, and it will really help on we will do this like whenever they’re feeling migraines so if your stomach ache is a result of a migraine. You know it might be something that you could try. Another way to get rid of some of the nausea is fennel seeds! This is something I had never heard of, and I just recently began trying it. These reduce Home Builder Amarillo TX pressure on the gastrointestinal tract and can help relieve you from the gas passing.

If you’re pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, these fennel seeds will really help you out tremendously!! Use some fennel seeds mixed with lemon juice. Cover this mixture for about fifteen minutes to get all of the goodies out of those seeds, then add one teaspoon of honey to just add some sweetness – this step is rally up to you, It will just make the magic mixture be a little bit more tasty. You may also choose to chew the fennel seeds to provide immediate relief, but if you are not able to hold anything down, you may have to keep on feeding them to yourself and starting over. Honestly tough same with the drink mixture. I know that when I am sick, I can really not handle smells. They are what get me the most and if you’re trying something new with an insane mixture, you may not like the smell and it may trigger a sickness. Lemon juice is another cool thing that provides instant relief! Since this lemon juice is acidic, it kind of neutralizes the stomach acid. Mix lemon juice and honey, and you may also mix it with tea! This is a mixture that will really help you with your nausea, and it’s what I choose to do the majority of the time. These are all just a lot of options and recommendations that you could look at to help you out when you are feeling sick. Feel free to do Home Builder Amarillo TX whatever you think will help you!