Anyways, but no, it was not a big deal. enjoy having them over. And then also, what else do we do, we all just kind of talked and hung out. And then I played with all of our in the front yard. He always tries to like eat everything he picks up. So he pulled out some grass blades and then try to eat them and try to eat them. But it was just so funny. I don’t know what I did to Home Builder Amarillo TX my bag. But it hurts so bad. I feel like there’s like a huge like not in it that needs to pop. But I just can’t get it to pop. But it’s okay. So anyways, on one second, when I look up something else talk about because I’m running out of things. So one big thing that goes into the kitchen that I have never really put much thought into is picking out a refrigerator. So I put together a list of five different kinds.

And yeah, kind of like the price range, the do’s and don’ts, the stuff like that. So the first style is probably the most common style. And it is just like a regular fridge with the top freezer. So it’s like that little square on top or whatever. And this can cost you anywhere. This is talking about news, I’m sure you could buy a used one cheaper, but kind of usually about Home Builder Amarillo TX 400 or $2,000. It’s one door fridge with the one door freezer on top. So this is obviously the most affordable style. And you can come Yeah, so basically is most affordable. But it doesn’t really have anything fancy like it is not very beautiful. It doesn’t have usually it doesn’t have like an ice dispenser anything. Yeah. So I don’t know, it just, it isn’t that special. But if you’re looking for a good price Home Builder Amarillo TX point, this I think is definitely the fridge you should go for. And then. So let’s go ahead and jump to the next expensive one, like the next cheapest, I guess it’s basically the same thing go with the freezer is on the bottom, like in a drawer. And it because it has really deep storage for that. So it’s kind of popular. And so that’s a little bit more expensive, it can be up to 3500.

So this is like more roomy, and there’s more access to the freezer and everything it’s like more deep, I guess. But the only bad thing is, is that there’s also no water dispenser usually on the single door, because this is the one single door with the bottom freezer on the bottom as drawer. And so the next one, which is the one that we have is a Home Builder Amarillo TX French door, this can cost up to $4,000. It has to narrow doors instead of one wide one. But it also has a bottom freezer pull out drawer. So it’s way larger. And yeah, so you can have like, adjustable shelves and this. But the only bad thing about this, I think is like if you’re putting something really big in the fridge, like let’s say a huge pot of lasagna or like a huge pan of lasagna, you’re going to have to open both doors. So it’s really not even that inconvenient. It’s just, it’s just going to be an extra step. And then usually this does have a water dispenser. So that is awesome. And then the next one that is the most expensive, it can go up to about $4,000 kinda like the other one. These are these next to the French door in the side by side kind of go hand in hand price wise, but this one is, has like, one side is fridge, one side is the freezer.

So it’s pretty awesome. You have way more freezer room than than the other ones. However, I think that you might have a little bit less refrigerator room. But yeah, so that’s basically in that also does have usually a ice machine and a water dispenser. And then the last one that is the most expensive it can go highly, highly, highly above $5,000 $5,000 is usually the Home Builder Amarillo TX minimum for this style. But it can. It’s like built in. And so it kind of is like a design kind of thing. It looks sleek and stuff with the built in. And there’s like a seamless effect. But however, I don’t really I think that it’s anything special. I don’t know, unless you’re just like really into that I think that their regular for just fine. Especially because there’s usually like a hollowed out place in the wall.

Oh, sorry, I just drilled there’s usually like a hollowed out place in the wall for the refrigerator to go. And so it’s fine, I think. Anyways, so let’s also talk about some other kind of add ons that you can have on the fringes that might make it a little more expensive. So the one of the things that you can change is like the interior, obviously. So you can add like some things have like a black interior, a white one, usually the basic, why is that thing. But like Whirlpool and kitchen eight, I recently come out with refrigerators to have like a black backdrop in the very back of the fridge. And so I think that that could add some Home Builder Amarillo TX cute stuff. There is a few there’s a few that have like a really cool addition. Now that isn’t as common, but there’s like a free fridge or door, whatever that has like a built in coffee Brewer like a curator like those little cake hubs or whatever. So that is something that I hadn’t really seen before. But it is really new and it can really add some value to your fridge and everything. And then yeah, so that’s just pretty cool. There’s also these ones that have like glass on their door so you can like look into the fridge without having to open it and cool it down. So I think that that just kind of extra I really don’t think that’s necessary please at all. You’re losing that much cooling by like opening and looking as long as you shut it again. But I guess that is some people would like to have it and I guess that’s one way to do it.