I wake up first thing in the morning, the first thing that I think about is definitely breakfast. I am such a breakfast girl. I love breakfast. I don’t even think that I could go a day without breakfast honestly. So we’re going to be talking about my breakfast of the week, so far this week. First of all, what I drink every single morning is cranberry Home Builder Amarillo TX juice mixed with grape juice. I think it is so good. I like to put some crushed ice in there. I don’t really like Uber’s too much, because I just like to be able to chew on it. So um, I heard that Jimmy has an ice machine that kind of looks like Sonic eyes. And I want that. So what right now I am not I don’t have that all I have is just regular ice machine. Poor. And so yeah, I like to get the crush up is because it’s easier to chew on.

Just love to chew on it. Anyway, so after I have every morning I also want to it on two piece of toast. And then I like to put butter on it and then a homemade strawberry jelly pie you makes a lot of homemade jelly. She makes grape jelly, strawberry jelly, plum jelly bunch of different kinds, but we haven’t made the plum jelly yet. Because Krista wants to come over to help. We just haven’t had time yet to do it. But I’m hoping that we can do before I go home to Abilene because I really love plum jelly so much I can eat Home Builder Amarillo TX by the jar. She like put the nice little mason jars and it’s our refrigerator is super full. Right now it’s all these different types of homemade jelly. So this morning, I used butter and strawberry jelly. And I was just super good.

And I’ve been using that this week. And then next week, I’m going to try the great, but usually I don’t really like grape that much, but maybe it’s different and it’ll be homemade. I don’t know, that’s what I’m kind of hoping for. But really, who knows, you know, you never know. Until you try. So um, yeah. So then sometimes I like to have many sausage biscuits, but I already ate the last ones that we had and we haven’t gone back to the store yet. So so it is the two little sausage biscuits and I like to heat them up and then I like click them and then I like to put some cheese in there and that cheese and is so good. You can’t really have a sausage biscuit without cheese you can’t even imagine. Then sometimes I also like to have a little breakfast waffles too. And like those little Home Builder Amarillo TX frozen ones that you put in the toaster. I love that. But sometimes I get too lazy to like use butter and syrup and everything on them. So I just eat them straight out of the toaster with no, there was nothing on them. But it’s still pretty good.

It’s just fill you up. And then my favorite thing to eat is probably breakfast burritos. I like to do Maple sausage, and eggs and cheese. It’s just my favorite kind of burrito. But also like when I go to the store, I’ll get another beta. But it’ll be kind of different. Because they all have like triggers and stuff in it. And also, I usually make that like whenever I Home Builder Amarillo TX have a big test. But now that I’m in I was in school, I feel like I have a test every single day. So I can’t really make it every single day. So just before like my H hardest class I have a test to that’s usually like once every week. So yeah, that kind of works out better than just going ham on the breakfast and burritos. So I’m this morning and yesterday morning, Mike has been bringing me donuts and they have been so freaking great. I’m going to get that but it’ll totally be worth it. That means I can keep on eating going on. So you know. Anyways, um, people keep walking in and out of here staring at me and I feel like a little weirdo sitting here talking to myself, but for a good cause and getting paid. So you know, it’s a win win for me, but just a little weird for them. I think I’m just sitting in a corner sitting here talking to myself. And that might come off as a little weird, but it’s okay. Maybe Home Builder Amarillo TX they know what I’m doing. They don’t I don’t know. I haven’t ever explained it.

So I’m just going to kind of let them keep I’m believing that I’m sitting here talking to myself because I kind of think that’s funny. Anyway, so What do y’all like to eat for breakfast sometimes I like to go out to eat and eat some pancakes and some omelet. I love eating omelets. Like literally I guess I like breakfast burritos the most because that’s what I make the most but my all time favorite is omelets, but I can’t really make almonds. I suck at it by like a regular omelet with spinach, cheese, tomatoes, sausage, and like jalapenos and I like it to be spicy. So like maybe Home Builder Amarillo TX some pepper jack, some Tabasco sauce. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. I LOVE LOVE, LOVE LOVE omelets. If I go out to eat for breakfast, that’s what I’ll get. Sometimes I’ll make pancakes at home. I just use the regular pancake mix. I put some vanilla and stuff in there. Some vanilla, and some cinnamon, and maybe some brown sugar sometimes extra sweet, but most of them not. But anyway. So that’s just like how I make my pancakes. pancakes. First time My roommates were like, Oh my gosh, this is so good. I’m like I know, girl. I know.