So I am kind of weird, and I love getting kitchen stuff. Okay, like literally, the only thing I ever asked for is kitchen stuff. So I just feel Home Builder Amarillo TX like you know, cooking is kind of what brings everyone together. And I want to be the one who cooks. You know, at my house, my roommates don’t really cook it all. So I’m kind of the one who is in charge of that aspect. And they usually just buy groceries and have me cook. So sometimes I get harder. But anyways, so today we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite ways to cook in that is in a cast iron skillet. So whenever you get a cast iron skillet, there’s a lot of different things that you need to know. And there’s a lot of different rules about using it. But if you if you use it appropriately and you take care of it, you can have it for up to 30 years.

That’s how long how long my mom has had hers. So So The first step is, like whenever you get it brand new, you might want to wash it with mild soapy water for the first time, but just that one time, because after you season it, You’re not gonna want to use any soap on it. And then also, you’re going to not want to use it in the dishwasher either. So seasoning is basically like, you can use Crisco, that’s usually what I use, or you can use like oil, you bake it into the pan. So that helps create like a nonstick coating and your whatever. Usually pants have Teflon on them For in order to Home Builder Amarillo TX keep the pan nonstick and everything. But the way that you seasoning, like the more you season, the more you season, the more mature it gets. So I can handle a lot more things or whatever. So you’re kind of like code it inside and out with. Like I said whatever oil you want. So you can use oil or you can use like a large kind of thing like Crisco, that’s what I Go for it, And you’re going to bake it and it’s like a oven for 350 degrees.

Sometimes I don’t bake it, but for the very first time you need to. Okay, So Then, after you remove the skillet out after that, I mean, yeah, we wipe off all the access, or whatever would like a super soft towel. And I think that’s going to scratch it. And then some, Don’t be fooled by the pants that say that they are preseason, because they’re not okay? They’re Home Builder Amarillo TX not. So just make sure that you really are seasoning them. So another thing that you need to do is whenever you’re cleaning, okay, so make sure that you are not using any soap. as you can, you know, just wipe it out with like a paper towel or dish rag or something. But do not let it soak. And do not let there be What’s it called, do not let it don’t use any metal on it either. So you can wash it with like hot water and a sponge or like a little brush, but don’t use your cast iron with metal. Okay, Home Builder Amarillo TX and also it needs to try completely. So If you don’t, and this can cause it harassed obviously, because it is cast iron.

And so water on that can make your ass and you don’t want that when you’re cooking your food. So Yeah. And then after it’s dry, you need to use like a paper towel and rub some more oil on there just to keep it season. And then first stuff that is like really stuck on there. You can use kosher salt in a warm skillet, and then add enough oil until it’s like a little pasty. Or like maybe like canola oil, vegetable oil or whatever. And just like rub that around until the stuff comes up with a dry dish rag and then Yeah. So This also add to it seasoning because you’re using the oil. And Home Builder Amarillo TX then so once everything has been loosened up, just dump it out, and then wipe out any extra stuff. And then yeah, just make sure that it’s completely dry. I don’t know that this is necessary. But I have two different cast irons and, And so I don’t want to like set them inside of each other.

I just like to kind of set them next to each other and like a little drawer of their own. Because I don’t want anything scratch come up or I don’t I just don’t want anything happening to them. Because I really do want them to last a long time because it does take a long time for them to have like the perfect seasoning. My mom uses a little bit of soap in her cast iron skillet, but not until recently. And she’s had it for 30 years. So you know, you don’t really need to use the soap. And some people are afraid that that might be like unsanitary, but it’s really not, you know, just make sure you’re getting all the Home Builder Amarillo TX food out. And your know, your seasoning as you go and everything and the more you re season it the better than the cast iron is going to be. So Yeah, there’s a lot of different recipes that you can make in a cast iron, We’re going to kind of talk about that, actually, let’s just go ahead and talk about it. We can make this thing long. So I always like to make some steak and the cast iron. And the way that that works is that you need to use butter because butter has like a higher smoking point, then the oil does. And so the oil can kind of get a little anyway, so you just like coat the bottom of the pan with oil, and then put the steak on the pan. A