. So what should we talk about now? Let me think I’m just gonna kind of ramble for a second to make sure that I’m We can you know get enough word so I’m just rambling here for a second here I don’t really worry about this homebuilders, home builders in Amarillo, Texas Yeah, so another thing that I really want to talk about is pet peeves. Oh my gosh I have so many puppies you know what I seriously hey I like hate it when Home Builder Amarillo TX people snack with their food. Literally I’m just like can you shut your mouth like seriously it’s not even that hard. And then obviously I also hate it when people grind their teeth.

My sister has been staying the night with me and she grinds her teeth in her sleep and it literally just like makes me like it makes me look in my in my stomach it like makes my gut wrenching. I hate it so much and I can’t ever fall asleep. And another sound that I just hate absolutely which I don’t really think that anyone like necessarily loves it but I literally Home Builder Amarillo TX can’t even stand it is like when puppy dogs a wine. It makes me so mad I get so annoyed so easily and like I know they can’t help it and that’s even more annoying and you don’t even know why they’re crying. And they can’t express to you why they’re crying. I mean, I can handle babies because I love them. They’re so cute. And I love puppies too. But for some reason that just really gets into one of my pet peeves. One of my pet peeves is when people put dishes in the dishwasher with like, the fork tongs or whatever, like facing down I feel like he needs to be facing up so the water can like swish around on it.

You can all get clean. But I mean, who knows? What do I know, you know? So that’s just kind of what we got in a minute. A big trend that have been going around is reducing the use of plastic. So we’ve already talked about on recycling and stuff in one of these. So we’re just going to kind of talk about specifically plastic and how to cut down on that around the house and in your daily lives. And Home Builder Amarillo TX so like this all came from the sea turtles, they were choking on straws and stuff. So whole campaign about saving the turtles came out. And so it kind of made people be more self aware of how they were using plastic and how they were disposing of it. So today, we’re going to kind of be talking about that. So one of the ways that you can possibly cut down plastic is by first of all, whenever you grocery shopping, they always give you tons and tons and tons of those plastic sacks. Well, one way that you can cut down is using a reusable bag. So they make like cloth bags, they make those, well, they are still plastic, but they like you can reuse them or whatever. And they have also some they’re like insulated that you can take for like the cold stuff like those in the freezer and ice cream and bags and just stuff like that. And then you don’t even get that from a plastic bag, the insulation. So that would be a plus. And then also like if you wanted to, you could use the paper bags, and just like keep them and reuse them. And then, but yeah, so those bags that you can also keep them around your house, if you do have to use them the plastic ones and then use them like as trash bags, or just give them a lot of different uses around the house. Because I wouldn’t say that Home Builder Amarillo TX the average family gathers about 10 or 15 bags on the average grocery ship trip.

So much how much like you to cut down, you know, every week if people started just taking their own bags. And then some stores are actually even charging now. So another thing that you could use is plastic free containers and like storage. So by that I mean, like you could get some glass or metal containers to hold like your flowers or your nuts or your dish, detergent or whatever, and then all of your plastic containers can be recycled. So you don’t have to keep on buying them, you know, I’m saying you can just refill it directly from there. So another way to cut down all the plastic is to buy used items. Such as, like at the plastic thing, I don’t know, I was going with that I forgot. Anyways, okay, so basically, the one of the main things that you can do is recycle, recycle, recycle. So any bottles that you’re using for like shampoo, dishwashing soap, it’s kind of hard to stop buying those. But you know, it’s important Home Builder Amarillo TX that you do recycle whatever you’re using, you don’t ever have to like stop using something completely, necessarily, but maybe do find a different way to dispose of them properly, in a way to that will help the environment. So that’s also super important.

And so a lot all Home Builder Amarillo TX the ways that people are coming back, the most common way recently has been reducing the usage of plastic straws. And so that’s always an option. And then also, I think that there are a lot of different types of waste out there that we’re forgetting about, like it’s really easy to get caught up on just using plastic or whatever like that could that I mean it is a huge part of what is in the landfills and everything. And it is taking up a huge amount of space. But we also need to be aware of other things that we’re using and just wasting and throwing away. And then the main thing also is reusing and recycling and reducing the usage. So we did a whole talk about this and there’s a whole campaign about it to reduce, reuse, recycle.