So you can do these at the same time. But they are different ingredients such as make sure that you don’t get them confused. I don’t know what happened but is just a little option. Ok and then so you can also use as a dangerous here kind of thing like a treatment. So get to crush Ashton pills and put it in your shampoo and use it you know, wash your hair like normal but leave it on for five minutes. Usually just leave the conditioner on it. But you’re going to leave the soap on it because it has aspirin in it. And then this should be done like three times a week for four weeks total and it will make your dandruff disappear Obviously, it depends on what the cause of the dangerous that dandruff is and the severity but for minor cases, just because like of dry scalp, this is an option for you. And then another thing that we can talk about is Yeah, there’s just like a lot of different things. So, you could also use a slogan to reuse it for Home Builder Amarillo TX exfoliating, you can use on your legs to and it kind of helps like you not get ingrown hairs or whatever.

Okay, so whenever you get insect bite, you can also use Home Builder Amarillo TX that just like put the aspirin and water and then get it wet, and then put it onto your skin and it will help soothe the insect bites. Yeah, so even if you don’t have a dandruff, you can still use it in your hair as well. I forgot to mention that but let’s go ahead and talk about it. So Mel, like 10, aspirins and a cough with hot water and then apply it to clean hair and then leave that on for 15 minutes and then rinse everything out. And it does like a lot of aspirins, but it’s fine. And it’s supposed to like really help your hair be healthy and shiny. And then if you crumble five aspirins to the liquid that you’re going to use for cleaning your bathtub like in a spray bottle and then shake it up and spray it and then leave it on for like 30 to 45 minutes, you’ll be able to just like remove dirt for the bottom of your bathtub with like just a cloth. So that’s pretty cool. Yeah. So just like a little life hat there. Just like a few little things that are super cool.

Yeah, so let’s talk a little bit more to about one more thing that aspirin is known for is like everyone gets calluses on their feet and they’re so annoying. And it’s just like a buildup of dead skin cells have hardened over time. And so, this is going to like help soften your feet and get of those debts who can also get seven aspirins and a half a teaspoon of lemon juice, and then mix that together. And it’s going to be kind of like going and kind of gross, but it’ll be okay. And then apply it on your foot and cover it with a warm towel, like just wrap it around there. And leave it with 10 minutes live on there and then so you can also then use like a pumice stone or foot greater that sounds really gross, but you know what I’m talking about Home Builder Amarillo TX. And I’m sure just like, come off super easily, without any, like effort or anything like trying really hard. So I don’t know, it’d be worth a try. I mean, I don’t think that it would hurt you at all. So any of these so if you’re interested in one or more of these multi uses for aspirin, just give it a shot, and we’ll just see if it works. I don’t really think that it would be harmful to you at all. So, yeah, just maybe be careful. Like, if you’re like don’t do it to your child.

Just because, you know, a child taking aspirin is like kind of more dangerous and so just in case they were to, like ingest it, I guess, you know, just like really watch them if you are going to do it, but I would recommend not doing it at all with your children until they’re like above the age of seven. And honestly, they really shouldn’t have most of these Home Builder Amarillo TX problems like sweat stains or dandruff like calluses that are like out of hand whenever they are that young and so just watch them and then maybe like talk to your provider before you do any of these things, especially if you have an allergy to aspirin or if you aren’t sure make sure to check with them!! I’m ready for lunch because I am so hungry. I feel like my stomach is growling so bad and I have no idea what I am going to eat. Apparently it is very cold in Home Builder Amarillo TX jimmy and Amy’s house and I am just not excited for that. But I’m going to be leaving town on Thursday morning to head back home so I feel like I should go spend time with them eve n though I will be freezing.

And another thing you could do it’s like a vintage covering so they have this like, I saw this thing where it was like a wall covered with like with this adhesive, like it was like a wall. I don’t remember the exact word but like basically like a decal but it like was from Florida ceiling and it was like of an old town scene of like the 19th century and Milan and it was just beautiful. So that’s totally an option and then another thing that you could do is, yeah, just like a backdrop or like something to catch the eyes or contrast styles even, you know. And also you could like combine different shapes so like get some circle you circular things like maybe like a clock or something and then like a square picture frame and they could just totally like contrast each other and really cool Home Builder Amarillo TX.