I am gonna talk to you all about my favorite Home Builder Amarillo TX recipe to make whenever I’m in a rush, so cold stuffed peppers. And there are a lot of different ways to do it, I’m just going to kind of talk about the way that I have learned over time. And the way that I like to do it, and it’s a huge hit, and it’s very filling. So like all my roommates love and all my friends love it, I usually make it for them, like once a month or so. And yeah, it’s gonna be so delicious.

So first, you need to preheat your oven to about 350. And then we can get started. So when you’re at the store, you need to get bell peppers, and really doesn’t matter what color I mean. Obviously, some are sweeter, I usually go ahead and just get one of each color and like kind of make sure they’re kind of tall, so you can stuff more stuff in there and they need to be fat or tall, but I go for tall because then it doesn’t get like the way distribution is bad so it doesn’t fall down or whatever. So so just get some burgers he can fit a lot of stuff into that’s basically like the main most important part is just picking out the bell peppers. And so after you do that, these are the ingredients that you’re going to need you’re going to Home Builder Amarillo TX need the bell peppers can have trans really perfectly peppers, and no green BM sorry, corn and then yeah, so you need hatch green chili peppers, can of corn a can of black beans, Mexican cheese, salsa, sorry cream, and hamburger meat. You can also add like shredded chicken shredded pork if you wanted to. But I usually just do hamburger meat. Anyways, and so it’s a pretty good so what you do is you cannot bowl like a big mixing bowl.

And you have to you have to get a bowl. And then you like to cook my hamburger meat first. So hook hook that and put in some like Sarah, a little bit maybe some like seasonings like salt and pepper and like Cajun seasoning, I’d like to make it kind of spicy, but some paprika in there and stuff. And just make it spicy and then drain that and put it in the bowl, Home Builder Amarillo TX and then put it in the hatch green chili peppers, put in a handful of cheese. I also like to slice up, chop up a little bit of onion and put that in the mix. And then the everything else like the hatch green chili peppers, and also the corn and makes that around till it’s really good. And it’s going to kind of sound gross, but yeah, so it’s fine. And then you need to try the tops off of the bell peppers, and then put your hand in there and like twist the seed middle part out and throw that in the trash. And then kind of get a spoon and like just kind of there’s going to be as little things inside the pepper, they have to like scoop out.

That way you can make more room for the filling. And then you I like to stuff them. And then you can put the lids back on the peppers. But I don’t want to. I don’t ever like to do that just because I feel I don’t know, just a little extra. And then I have to put them in like a cake pan. Or like the little pins that are close to each other just depending on like how many I’m going to make or whatever. And so I had to set them up side by side. And then I sprinkle the top with seasoning as well. And once again, depending on how many are making, you might Home Builder Amarillo TX pick it for a little bit longer, but I like to sprinkle the top with cheese and then cover it with tin foil and then bake it for usually like around 20 to 25 minutes. And then for the last five minutes, I take the tin foil off so the cheese can melt. And this just really kind of helps everything really everything’s already coated around you do anything but it’s really good to get the pepper soft. And something else that I forgot that I put in there is I always make like Spanish rice a bill that up and then I put it in there too. And it kind of adds like you need some kind of like starch to hold it all together.

And so the rice is usually really good about that. So I do one whole package of rice, one whole package of meat. Probably like just a little bit of onion, probably like a fourth of a cup of onion Home Builder Amarillo TX chopped up and then not even that much actually probably less than that probably like a like an eight. And yeah, so it’s not that bad. And then I just sprinkled the cheese couple handfuls do that. And then Okay, unicorn Canada, green chilies can usually like half a can of black beans because I just really don’t like white beans. Anyways, and so sometimes it might be good to like soak your peppers in water first. I’ve heard of people doing that. I’ve never tried it. But I mean, I don’t think that it would hurt them that way whenever like coax it kind of softens more I might try that next time. So one of the things that I always struggle with when I make this meal is like I don’t even know what sides because I can’t make rise because I already put the rice inside of it. And something I don’t really want to make the like what’s it called? The like refined beans because I already have black beans in there. So then usually I just do like chips and salsa. Oh yeah. And you can also add salsa into the bowl of mixture before you put it into the peppers. That’s just kind of an option.