So My birthday is coming up. And every year, my Peggy makes me an apple pie for my birthday. And it is all good. It’s my favorite. I like cake and everything. But apple pie is just something that you can’t really just like, make out of thin air. I mean it is, but like, it kind of takes some more planning and more effort than just a regular Home Builder Amarillo TX kicked us. So I’m going to kind of be talking through the apple pie recipe and how we do it. So first of all, there’s a lot of different ways. So I’m not saying this is right, and I’m not saying this is, you know, wrong. I’m just saying this is how my family does it. And, Yeah, So First of all, you’re going to need to make your crust. So we use a different recipe or whatever. And it has like two and three fours cups of flour, and egg yolk. I don’t remember everything else right now.

But that is basically what we use. And then we So we roll that out and make the make the dough or make the dough for the crust or whatever. And then we put it in a deep dish pie pan and preheat the oven to like 350 I believe. And then we set that aside and we got kind of cut the dough in half. So we can have actually is probably like a little bit more than over Home Builder Amarillo TX half anyway, so we use most the majority for the crust for the bottom.

And then we save some so we can have a crush on top. Okay, so then we wash our apples, we get about two pounds worth. And We also core them. And then we use a knife to pure them. Okay, so the Korean tool we have is pretty cool. And then so after you do that, you need to cut them into like quarter inch slices, but they need to be kind of thin. So this way they can cook evenly in the stove and in the oven as well. So we need to then put in some lemon clam, and this will kind of like keep the acid, We also put some fruit fresh powder on there. But the lemon kind of keeps the fruit from turning brown. And everyone kind of knows even like whenever you cut avocados, It can go Brown. So I will put lemon on them. It’s the same thing right here with the apples. So then you’re going to use some butter, about a tablespoon and then three fourths have to sugar, some cinnamon, nutmeg. And just like other season he was Home Builder Amarillo TX like that I like to put a lot of cinnamon in there because it just kind of gives it an extra rooms. And then you put that all in a bowl together, mix it up. And then I like to put it in my cast iron and cook it or whatever, just keep on stirring it for about 10 minutes. And You can also put your lid on there.

But you don’t have to if Home Builder Amarillo TX you don’t want to buy just kind of turn them around and get it all nice and you know coat throughout and kind of softer. And you can add some more seasonings, if you are tasting it and it doesn’t feel like it’s feel fantastic. You can always add seasonings to it in this step. Okay, and so then once you get your apples baked or been cooked a little bit, You’re going to fill the the pan And then you’re going to roll out the top. And there’s a lot of different designs that you can do, you can do like stripes, stars, polka dots, like a basket weave kind of thing On the top of the apple pie, To make it more beautiful. And So yeah, so then you’re going to you know, we’re all talk a little bit more about the lattice pie top, which is the most common that you see and his colleague a basket weave. So if you like cut your, if you roll out your dough and cut it into straight strips or whatever, you need to like pull back the strips that are perpendicular to the one that you need to place and it kind of takes a second to get a hang of it. But then as long as the strips are going over and under, like a basket weave, you’ll eventually get it.

And then another little tip is to brush the top of your apple pie with an egg wash. So like basically just Yeah, the egg whites, I think there’s the ideal I don’t remember Anyways. And so that will give it like a golden Home Builder Amarillo TX brown kinda cover or color. And Yeah, so then you’re going to bake it for I think it’s Home Builder Amarillo TX like 30 minutes or so. And then the most important thing, Oh, actually, I think you might go get longer, maybe like 45 minutes. Anyways. And then another super thing that you need to do is you need to make sure that it’s like cooling completely, because if you cut it before it cold all the way it kind of gets really running. And so that’s always our problem because we get too excited. And we just end up cutting it. And so another you know, just kind of wait. And then another way that we love to have it, you can have it with homemade ice cream on top or like whipping cream or anything. So I love the app apple pie with ice cream. So My birthday is actually coming up. And we’re going to be having this pretty soon. And we actually just had it like last week, or this weekend, actually on Saturday, but it was so good. And I would totally have it again. Yes ma’am. This is great. Five more words baby! Oh yeah!