So this morning, I had some toast with some butter and homemade strawberry jam was pretty good. And then I also had a cup of watermelon just like a little bit. And I’m drinking cranberry juice. I think it’s important to have breakfast I am such a breakfast girl. Like literally if I don’t have breakfast. I am like grumpy the whole day. And I’m so hungry. And I can’t concentrate on anything but my stomach growling, especially like on days, whenever I’m super busy, I don’t get a lunch and I don’t eat till dinner. I just cannot do it. I don’t know why. Especially like when I’m over Home Builder Amarillo TX I’m at school or clinical, mostly clinical, like when I’m standing and seeing like blood and stuff. I have to eat or I literally will just play puke or pass out. And that’s like a real thing. I went to shadow. Northwest and I was going to be watching a procedure and I didn’t I eat breakfast.

And so I almost passed out. So I was like so embarrassing, because I had to let them let me shadow Home Builder Amarillo TX and then whenever it came down to it, I like couldn’t hang. So I definitely learned my lesson though. whenever it comes to eating. Before I’m doing anything that might like make me queasy, because then you’re just like really feel like you’re about to pass out or puke. And also, I learned that like you really cannot lock your knees. I kind of always heard about it and stuff.

But I never like felt the side effects that they said that could happen. But I definitely felt them that day. Anyways, so we’re just going to be kind of talking about random things. And the first thing I want to talk about is whenever I was really little, I don’t know why this popped into my head just now. But like, we used to have to do this like, fundraiser thing called jumper for heart. I think I think it was for the American Heart Association, or whatever it’s called. Anyways, and so like what we would do, I think it’s kind of weird is that we were like Walter people’s houses. And I don’t remember every detail, but I know that overlay asked for donations or bids or whatever. And then like half the time, people would make us jump rope for them. I don’t know, that was kind of weird. But anyways, and then like hover. And then we had to like jump rope in class. I think that like however long we jump rope, just how many things they paid or whatever, I don’t really know for sure. Or maybe they just donate one time. I don’t Home Builder Amarillo TX remember. But I do remember that we used to have I used to like carry on my jump rope. And one time I was so traumatized because I didn’t take my jump rope. And then I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m not going to get any money. Yeah, and then you’d like to win all these cool prizes. And you know, all those prizes are like you think that they’re so cool.

And then, like literally two weeks later, you don’t even touch them. Like you spend so much time and your parents spend so much gas like driving you around. Anyways, yeah, so I just, I don’t know, I just always think it’s silly like how you Home Builder Amarillo TX spend so much time on those gifts that you play with for like maybe a week or maybe even less Honestly, I remember I used to, like, try really hard for t shirt. I even like know why but that was like the ultimate cool thing. So people you could jump rope, you know, like, you could just flex on them. Anyways, so let’s talk about my favorite birthday party, because I’m really sure that you’re interested in. So my favorite birthday party that I ever had, actually, there’s two. So one, my mom was out of town with her husband because he had to have surgery. And it just happened to like, follow my birthday. Anyways. And so my friend’s mom rented me out the community center is the only town which is like, very tiny or whatever. But isn’t it such a small town, I didn’t really have a lot of friends. Anyway, so then we had like this huge leap over. And we like me, we had all these games that she’d set up for us. And we like made dresses, out of life, like wrapping paper newspapers, something we like or trash out. And it was something like Home Builder Amarillo TX that. And we like had a fashion show and stuff.

And then we like did nails and hair. And there’s just like a huge girl sleep over and she set up all these games. And that was definitely like one of my favorite birthday parties I ever had just because it was so time like my mom was at a town and she really helped me out her name was Shannon. And, yeah, it was just very sweet. I always think about that. Like when I hope that I hope that whenever I’m an adult, or like whenever my kids have friends and they maybe have not a very good family or like their family is out of town on their birthday, that I can help them the way she helped me because I really do remember that still. And it’s like 10 years later, and I just remember how kind it was. And I really feel like she wanted me to feel like I had a birthday party, you know. And then my other favorite birthday party is honestly just really simple. I just had a lot of people at my house on Wednesday with Michael Peggy. And it was like my first birthday party over there. As was Home Builder Amarillo TX your name. And anyways, and it was just a lot of fun