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Talk about water leaks have you ever come home to your house to find standing water all in your house maybe there was a dishwasher that leaked or a water hose connection that came loose and water went everywhere or maybe it was just a frozen pipe that busted and then cause significant amount of water damage so yes that is what in homeowners insurance is for and we hope that you have sufficient coverage to cover his water damage to your house so Chaney construction as Home Builder Amarillo TX can help you get your home back in order traction carry a lot of water mitigation equipment and water mitigation equipment is it allows us to come in and remove the standing water assess the situation and shut up trying to quit but that is specialized just for situations like that includes fans and humidifiers as well as vacuum cleaning all the water out of the house and Sam and since is this may require after a full assessment it may require that seven at the sheet rock the cat back at about 6 inches above the baseboards all the way around the perimeter of rooms that happened we Home Builder Amarillo TX will take care of all that for you.

Been flooded and affected the most sometimes we have to come in and cut out the carpet pull the carpet back pull out all the padding and Journey cutting is cheaper padding can hold a lot of damage there’s water in the carpet sweep up all of that out and back and we get the floor dried any sub floor stride check out all the carpet pad he can lay the carpet back in places and fix underneath the carpet to help the carpet dry from the bottom up to your carpet might not necessarily be ruined it will be ruined if we do not get it dried appropriately to one of the other so one of the other things that we could do you as a Home Builder Amarillo TX is to vacuum out our suction out all of the standing water so we would want to do that on any hard surface as well as carpet get your furniture up off the wet floor get it placed on blocking‘s or saucer like protective gear to keep it from sitting on the water will want to make sure that any belongings on the floor and has come up off of the floor so that way the drying process to really begin sometimes insurance companies will pay for storage containers to be parked right in your home driveway in order to be able to store your personal items and stuff to be until the flood water has been taken out of here.

As a Home Builder Amarillo TX we would use a humidifier would actually take all of the moisture that is still hanging in the air cause mold and damaged sheet rock wood things like that that humidifier actually read and machine and it sucks all the moisture out of the air and she would stay and then we take her home we read to eat toilet or sink and bathtub for that water as it’s pulled out of the air to train him to do so in a fire it’s a big machine and her friends the most affected sometimes your show much water in the area that it requires more than one dehumidifier these are all emergencies

Service that Chaney construction as a Home Builder Amarillo TX and take care of for you but it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day we can definitely go to your home and get all of this drive to mitigate there from Margie image to the homes are not properly water so if you have insurance and those shots companies will pay for this type of service that is will pay you directly or indirectly providers to Chaney construction Home Builder Amarillo TX to take care of this part for you insurance companies don’t want to have to pay for more damage that was caused by not removing the water professionally workshop typically they will take charge of that and pay for that for you action does not act on your behalf to the insurance company that we will submit all the proper documentation of the insurance company room will require including forms that document oyster readings pictures of damage pictures of the square footage measurements of the square footage of the home what time we went in what all applications he did apply at what I’ll use the net all of that insurance company for you insurance company will provide you with the check to pay for those types of damages Chaney Construction knows how to restore your home back to what it was originally. We have worked with insurance claims before and we have knowledge about what they expect.

We have forms we will fill out to send to them to show what all work was done and what all the readings said in the beginning to the end. We are proud to be offering this service as well. We have done this many times and we can do it again at Chaney Construction. You can call us anytime at 806-688-9215 and we can come out and help you get your home back in working order. We will even help you move your stuff out and get it put back into place. As the number one rated and reviewed Home Builder Amarillo TX you will want to make sure and give us a call to take care of any water problems that you ever have in the future. We are proud to be the best in the Texas Panhandle. We will help you get all the forms to the insurance company. We will help you get your life back in order. We have all the proper equipment to do that. We hope you never have a water leak but if you do call Chaney Construction 806-688-9215