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The weather can be very harsh in the Texas Panhandle so as Home Builder Amarillo TX we definitely take that into consideration whenever we are building your home we will make sure that you have all of the best quality materials to make sure that your home can with stand the test of time as well is the harsh Texas weather if you lived in that Texas Panhandle for very long taxes long enough you know that the weather can change in an instant.

High winds blizzard like conditions triple digit heat during the summertime as well as other types of whether such as hail And tornadoes and wind so some of the materials that you are definitely going to want to consider are your siding as well as which direction your home faces with sits on the plant you definitely do not want a big snow drift in front of your main entryway if your home every single winter time we know that the winds can be very fierce and if we get snow along with the wind I can definitely cause a lot of snow drifting so we want to make sure that your home is positioned in a fashion that makes sense with the element other thing too is that you are going to want to make sure that you have taken into consideration like we do as a Home Builder Amarillo TX. Which way your garage faces is also very important.

You do not want to be stuck inside your home with snow drifts taller than your car and not be able to back out of your garage in the morning after a hard snow. what side of the home the sunrises and sunsets on sometimes if you have lots of windows at On one side of the house it might be good to consider what side the sunsets on typically the sunset side of the home tends to warm up just a tad bit more now we do you have things that you spray foam insulation that help with that as well as good quality windows they can keep that temperature regulated as well you deathly would not want to put your master bedroom on the side of the house with the sunrises the soonest if you are a night owl or if you work a late shift and you have to sleep during the day these are all things that you want to consider whenever we are looking at building you and new home as a Home Builder Amarillo TX.

You will also want to consider things such as driving rain and making sure if you want to be able to use an outdoor Space during all times of the year during all the seasons you will want to make sure the exterior of the home is sufficient for that and the roof coverings are sufficient enough to be able to keep driving rain off of you when you are sitting on your front porch or your back porch the right class of roof it is also something that we highly recommend class for roofs are wind and damage resistance meaning that they are at a great quality to make sure that you and half the best material on your roof to protect you from hail damage or wind damage there are times when the wind can not be high enough that it might cause some leakage that is a once in a lifetime type of occurrence that we have seen it here in the Texas Panhandle as a Home Builder Amarillo TX.

So those are things we definitely want to see ration other things that you want to take into consideration for your exterior of your home is if you have an outdoor living space and you would like to have outdoor ceiling fan you will want to make sure that the structure of the ceiling fan is one that it is not going to get ripped to shreds in the wind so there are some other types of outdoor ceiling. There are many types of fan that are out their on the market that have unique blades that help keep from getting messed up in the wind. There are lots of fans that definitely fit the bill and we are proud to install an exterior outdoor ceiling fan for your home today of this is what makes us is a Home Builder Amarillo TX unique from other Home Builder Amarillo TX so the fact that we take all of these things into consideration especially if you live in the great White open you want to make sure your home is protected from the elements so most city builders do not understand this concept and so it is not something that is not a priority to them it is not something they think and is worthy of having a conversation about that Chaney construction does and you are going to want to call Chaney construction at 806-688-9215 and give us a call today to schedule.

Google appointment to make sure that this is a great thing for you and your new home. You can also visit our website at www.chaneyconstructiontx.com and make sure that you click on the button at the top of the page that says Schedule an Appointment and someone from our team will be contacting you to find out about what your project is all about. We are the most and highest reviewed builder in the Texas Panhandle. Remember that not all builders know how to take the Texas Panhandle weather and its cruelty to the homes into consideration. You will want the best to do that and that is us Chaney Construction. We have been building homes inside the city and outside the city limits for over 13 years now and we think that it is something that we have gotten to learn a lot about and that we really take very seriously into consideration. Take a look at our testimonials and see what people are saying about us and you will see that we are the highest rated for a reason at Chaney Construction.