We have Home Builder Amarillo TX talked a lot about cleaning different things in the house. From like the oven to the walls to stuff like that, just like overall. So we haven’t really gone into specifics a lot yet. So I talked about how much I hate cleaning the oven, you know, that’s no secret, I literally will do anything, but clean the oven. And but a close second to that on my most hated list about cleaning the house is definitely the dishwasher. I hate cleaning out the dishwasher. But if you think about it, it is like one of the most important places because all of your dishes that you’re eating off of are going through that. And so if it’s not clean, you know, your Home Builder Amarillo TX dishes aren’t getting the most clean as they could get. So we’re going to kind of be talking about some hacks and stuff that you could use to clean your dishwasher.

So whenever you move in and out of a new place, you’re going to want to do this, you know, because you don’t know what people put in their dishwasher. I know this lady at my church puts her toothbrushes in the dishwasher. Yeah. So yeah, you just like really never know. So yeah, one of the main things that you can do just to kind of get things started is get like one of those glass measuring cups, you know, that go up to like three cups or whatever. Or even just like one cup, it doesn’t matter anyway. So you need to like kind of do half and half plain water. And not really half and half, probably like just a little bit of water. And then the rest are white vinegar, you’re going to be using a lot and it’s going to have to like really smell like vinegar. Vinegar really does clean well. So set your washer on the hardest setting possible the dishwasher and make it run through a cycle.

Okay, and so this will like kind of get away all of the loose stuff. And it helps remove an odor to sorry, and so next to really like get stuff off of the bottom of the dishwasher, which is where it Home Builder Amarillo TX tends to get really gross. And that’s the part that I hate is like I hate reaching my arm in there. And there’s all that like, grimy, slimy stuff, I just hate it anyway, so you can like sprinkle Home Builder Amarillo TX the baking soda on top of whatever is down there. Like just I like to cover the whole thing, okay, and then run it through a super short cycle. And so this will also remove stains and everything. And some people say that they do this like every six months, but I like to kind of do it a little bit more often just because of how often we use it. If you don’t use it very often, obviously you don’t need to do that.

So it also will kind of help keep your dishwasher cleaner. If you are, you know renting Home Builder Amarillo TX off your dishes before you use them. I know that kind of seems counter active because you’re about to get them clean. So why should you clean already, but I like to think of the dishwasher as like a D sanitizer, or I’m sorry, like sanitizer? Yeah, I’m saying. Yeah, so I’m saying like maybe don’t, if you prevent the super combi food from getting in the dishwasher at all, you won’t have to clean it. That’s like the main thing I’m trying to get out here. So deep cleaning dishwasher is so annoying, but it’s really something that needs to happen. And often like times if you keep it in good working condition, this includes like keeping it clean and keeping it from being stopped up with like all the dirty food and everything down there. It can just really help people keep it like make it last longer. So it’s not uncommon for people to kind of skip over this step and cleaning the house. I mean, who really thing, like he really thinks that we have to clean it.

Because if you use like soap and hot water, you know, when it’s running through, then obviously we don’t really need to clean it. But that’s kind of not the case. Because food particles like get stuck in the bottom of the machine and get stuck in doing crevices that you can’t really see with your bare eyes. So you really need to run it through some cycles with certain materials that get everything done. So like how often Home Builder Amarillo TX is the right amount of times to clean it. Okay, so I like to clean mine, like once a month or whatever, just do you like the vinegar and the wash cycle or whatever, no big deal, but I like to deep clean it twice a year. So just like basically just put it in there, wipe it out with whatever I put some baking soda and everything, no problem. But to deep planet, you have to like get in there okay, and it is so annoying. And you don’t want to do it but it has to do it. So first step is to sprinkle the baking soda like we did before. Make sure to put it on nice and no dry setting. Okay. And then also maybe after you do that, you might want to remove the racks and then get in there to really put more baking soda and scrub brush to clean all of the little crevices and then run another wash and wipe out the inside. And this will kind of make sure that you get everything leftover, okay, so that all really make sure that you’re getting everything and sometimes I had to just go ahead and do this more than twice a year but I really do make sure that I do at least twice a year because it can start to stink too.