man’s best friend has always been a Home Builder Amarillo TX dog. And You know, so many families all across the United States and even the world get dogs every single year. And they have they grow up to be loved and cherished and enjoyed. However, some people get dogs and do not feel the same way about them, they turn out to be a nuisance, and the dog does not get taken care of properly. So today, we’re going to kind of be talking about like debating whether or not you should get a dog or Mrs. Like a dog that you’re going to keep in the house, not an outdoor dog. Okay, so before you get a dog, I shouldn’t be an impulsive choice, you know that you should stop and really think about it, consider all of the pros and cons and look at what you have and what you don’t have. And See, if you have enough time for the dog, that’s the main thing, Okay. So you have to know that, Um, make sure like, whenever you get the dog, The that you really Home Builder Amarillo TX want the dog, you don’t just want the dog.

It’s like a short term getting one is a long term commitment. And it’s going to be messy, tiring, you know, annoying, sometimes it’s inevitable. So you just need to make sure that you’re in it for the long haul. And, yeah, so you’re basically like becoming a dog parent. Okay, yeah, that sounds kind of dramatic. And it is on a way, but also you do really need to realize that you’re going to have to be taking care of it, you’re gonna have to be feeding it bathing it, you know, taking it out to the restroom, and everything. And So yeah, so also need to do a Home Builder Amarillo TX little bit of research and see if you want a puppy or an older dog, and then like, what kind of dog is going to treat or like suit your family best, you know, although a little dogs are cute, and fluffy, sometimes they’re also like, really full of energy and everything. And Yeah, but also, like, baby dogs, like puppies, You know, are going to have accidents are gonna have to have time to potty train them. And even some adult dogs do. It’s just like part of it.

Especially if you foster the dog or get it from a shelter, it’s going to have some things you’re going to have to work through with the dog. It’s just inevitable. And then also, you might want to consider like fostering and adopting. And, yeah, so if you’re ready for the commitment, you know, maybe go to the local shelter, And, you know, get things started, You’re also going to have to like, realize, it’s kind of expensive to feed the dogs, no dog food is not cheap, I kind of always thought that it would be, but it is not, it is actually quite expensive. And you’re going to have to get like toys, and water, food and bowls of Kindle. And then like something to go in your car. So when they ride in their stuff doesn’t go everywhere, this are all very important things that no one ever thinks about. You don’t just buy the dog, you know, you have to get a color that fits it. And then as it grows, and then also a leash. There’s like, I know that if you live in an apartment complex, it’s very Home Builder Amarillo TX important that you do not let your dog out without a leash.

So you’re gonna have to get one. Even like a neighborhood, I’m pretty sure. So The next thing you’re going to have to do, so let’s say you decided to get the dog, and you’re ready to go, Okay, you’ve decided on the commitment, you know the price, and you’re just ready for it. So you’re going to have to first of all, like puppy proof your home was kind of like baby proofing, but like, you know, way, way more, you know, so they love to chew on everything, and kind of like a baby, honestly, it’s kind of the same. And you’re just gonna have to, you know, make sure that everything is locked up. And if there’s no poisonous plants, and you have to keep your toilet lid closed, because they love to like out of that. And make sure that any electrical cords are kind of out of the way, because they love to to those. And that can be really annoying and really expensive. So and then you’re also going to have to start training, you’re either going to have to hire someone to train the dog, or if you are able to, then you can do it. But it’sHome Builder Amarillo TX going to have to have some training, whether it’s potty training, or great training or least training, you’re just going to have to do it.

So also, that comes down to potty training, you’re going to have to know how to do the potty training. It’s very annoying sometimes. And you’re Home Builder Amarillo TX going to have to give a lot of praise and a lot of awards and stuff for when they do do it. But you need to have be able to like take the potty time like the potty break 2030 minutes after they eat. And this is like every single time. So it’s kind of hard to you know, leave the dog alone without a babysitter or a dog sitter, because you know, it’s going to take some patience. So Lastly, you know, just make sure that you’re feeding them correctly, you need to be be do some research or talk to your bed about which dog food brand is best for your new child. So hahaha. So Yeah, I’m just going to make sure that these things are taken into consideration. Also, one last thing you might need to recognize is the color of your furniture, I know that you’re going to train them to knock down the furniture me, I mean, some people don’t And that’s completely fine. I didn’t.