You know, I’m saying like, it’s a good step and everything, but like, we’re going to need to do a little bit more, and put a little bit more effort into it not just for the cloud. Anyway, so I’m in the office now and just kind of looking around. So there’s like a lot of stuff for them to do. They’re, you know, they’re building and building and building and stuff. And so I think we should talk about how to decorate office things. So obviously, we’re going to need a Home Builder Amarillo TX comfortable chair. Because for good or economics, you’re going to be able, you’re going to need to be able to stay in it for a long time. And that actually it was a say ergonomics but I’m not going to go back and change it. So we’re just going to accept the economics. Those words are actually pretty similar.

A lot of people don’t really know what ergonomics means. And I don’t have the exact definition Home Builder Amarillo TX but I do know that it’s like the way you’re moving your body at your job. And it’s like yeah, so basically the way moving your body so like for example, a nurse has to Lyft patients with her legs I’ve been her back or turn them carefully and always ask for help and also use this like little plastic thing Home Builder Amarillo TX that they put on my hospital beds of when you’re transferring them from the bed to the gurney. Yeah, so there’s just like actually law and yeah, so there’s actually a lot that you can do. Like whatever you’re charging, just kind of give your backstory and you know have good comfortable chair and keeps the computer I level so you’re not having to look up or down too much Okay, so anyways, so just to kind of talk about a few things. So I love pins and pencils and like I love it when they get a new PIN. And it’s like a ballpoint in it so beautifully and a lot, right so good.

That’s like the best feeling ever. I love getting new pins for school and stuff. They just I just love it and anyways, stuff that we’re going to gonna be talking about today is how to decorate a small bedroom. Let’s talk about that. So first thing you’re going to do that we’ve talked about before is really like eliminating things and making things lit up and bright and everything because as I’ve said before, you know, the brighter room is the bigger it looks. Okay? So just like keep it kind Home Builder Amarillo TX of bright and stuff. And it’s practical and I like make certain like, bigger and expands it and everything because I feel like if you have like a bunch of colors and stuff, it kind of kids start looking too busy or kind of boxed in. Okay, and so if you want to keep it Yeah, like interesting, you can always add different colors or textures. You know, I’m saying Okay, so also what you should do is push your bed up against a corner. And a lot of people like to center in the wall I know I did at first move into my apartment but then it just seemed like there was no room on either side. And so it just kinda makes you feel cozier for one. And for two, it gives you more space.

Because whenever you have like the same amount of space on both sides of just can feel kind of small through Home Builder Amarillo TX mystery small and so by putting it up against the wall, you’re left with like a big open place, but it’s really the same amount of space but it just kind of add something to your mind. And then you don’t want too much of a bulky bed frame you kind of want like your headboard in your footboard to be like simple and modern, I kind of think maybe like choose one that doesn’t extend past the perimeter of the mattress. That’s what I like to do usually. And I don’t even have one single wooden headboard and there’s really not too much to it or whatever. I just kind of let the blankets and pillows speak for themselves instead of having it as like an MPS or anything. And then another thing that you could do possibly is like put up some mirrors and just really like magnify it with that it will create the illusion of a bigger room if you position the mirror to reflect the light of the window or the light will add natural light to your room and make it look really bigger. If you choose like a full body length mirror leaning up against the wall, it also makes it look bigger to bed.

I mean also I just feel like everyone should have at least one full body mirror in their home, just my personal opinion. And then another thing that you can do is like do vertical things. So what I mean by this is like if you have higher ceilings consider adding like a loft or something that you can Home Builder Amarillo TX like use for storage or seating. However, you know if it’s not something that you can do, it’s just not something you can do no problem at all. And then you could also use a floating shelves you know if you don’t have like enough space for an entire bookcase Or a nightstand, you know you could do floating shelves instead and that would be awesome. I think. Yeah, and so just kind of adds you know storage and everything without having to add extra furniture. And then also speaking of storage so you can also add storage under the bed. So like if you are trying to look for a new a new bed, you know, maybe consider one that has like drawers underneath it. And this will add provide extra storage but also extra space as well.