. Don’t use a highly sensitive. So because you really want the flies to seek the apple cider vinegar, either it’s going to like draw them to it, and then the dish that was going to keep them from being able to fly out. Okay. So you might have to like really keep on repeating the cycle because the female can lay like up to 100 eggs a day. So they might have a lot of eggs staying laying around your house. So there still might be some Home Builder Amarillo TX flies and you’re going to be wondering, what the heck out of this flies, can I just pop out of nowhere? Well, I think that it’s because probably the eggs that have been left behind, even if he did kill the adult ones already.

Anyway, so you can just like keep on doing this and keep on dumping it out and everything. And so yeah. So that’s a effective way. So let’s just keep on going. Okay, let’s talk about Yeah, let’s talk about cleaning your car, some cool hacks, okay. So you need to use if you’re washing your car at home, one of the things you’ll find that people are really using it for at home washes is microfiber mitts. Okay? And this can hot pause, like a lint free experience and a scratch free and it’s a really handy and it holds a lot of water inside of it. Okay. And then also so you know, those little foam craft brushes are like 99 cents at the store, you can go to like Hobby Lobby or any craft store. Well, they are absolutely perfect for cleaning in Home Builder Amarillo TX between your vents. Okay, they get super dusty. And then this is such like a narrow slot, that this is like one of the only things that can sit in between there because like you can’t really clean it as well with like your fingers and a rag. And so just like soak this brush with some cleaner, and it’ll do what it needs to do, and we’ll just be so great. Okay. Okay, so and also you can fix bad smells in your vehicle for with spraying I saw into the airflow inlet.

Okay. So yeah, it’s just awesome. And then also, one thing that people might not think about is clean the dashboard with a Vaseline. It kind of also like conditions Home Builder Amarillo TX it and gives it a nice shine, and super inexpensive and expensive as well. When people go to the car, wash or wash their car, there’s no doubt that they’re cleaning the outside of their windows. So use a microfiber glass wiper, and clean the inside of the mirrors as well, the windows because, yeah, it’s awesome. So another thing that you can do whenever you’re vacuuming your seats, if you go to like a gas station with free vacuums, I would also take some baking soda, and sprinkle that baking soda on the seas before you vacuum and it’ll help with the odor. And yeah, it’ll just help clean out a little bit. Yeah, so if you, I also want to try something like preventative measures, put silicone liners and your cup holders. And because you can like get those out and clean up very easily or like Home Builder Amarillo TX replace them and everything. And it’s just super quick way. And so yeah, this is just kind of like a cool tip that I found. And also, whenever I got my car, the girl already had like little things that go on the bottom of the cup holders. And so those are really come in handy for me, I know, for sure. So in a minute, we’re gonna be talking about how to get stains out of your car carpet, like if you have a fabric.

Yeah, so if I fabric seeds are staying or whatever, I know that I have a big stain in my backseat. One was already there. And the other one I have a water bottle that I bought like Home Builder Amarillo TX super cheap, like $2 anyways, and it had some pre workout in there and it spilled. Because the latest light just came off, and I didn’t know it. And then I was like I’m going to the gym anyway. So I tried to wipe it up as possible good, but, you know, there was just no preventing it. And so I had to, I’m gonna have to figure something out. So I was doing some research about cleaning out the upholstery and the carpets and like getting the stains out and stuff. So we’re gonna have to talk about that really quick. Let me go do some research and I’ll be back. So we’re going to be talking about a lot of cleaning hacks, and I’ll get to the car upholstery one later on.

So the first thing we’re going to talk about is like a glass stovetop, okay, so basically, I’m just gonna tell you what you need, you need baking soda white rags, and like boil the baking soda and some water and then clean that off or whatever. Anyway, so yeah. So I’m going to just dive into the upholstery one, actually, because I just want to I think I’m gonna actually do this tonight. I don’t really Home Builder Amarillo TX have any plans. And so what you’re going to need is one cup of hydrogen peroxide, three tablespoons of dawn dish soap, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and then a spray bottle. So just mix it up with the in the spray bottle and then fill up the rest the way with warm water or hot Home Builder Amarillo TX water and then make sure to spot test this treatment just to make sure it doesn’t stain your carpet it shouldn’t have never had a problem with it. No one I know is a Home Builder Amarillo TX bad problem with it but go ahead and spot test it. Okay, so the first thing you need to do is vacuum out the car really well. Okay and then spray this the mixture onto the stain directly and then let it stay for five minutes there at least depending on how long the state has been there Okay