So today we’re going to be talking about living rooms family rooms and everything in between. So first of all, we should probably discuss what the Home Builder Amarillo TX difference is between a living room and a family room. So living room is often called like the formal living room. So it’s the room that you know people have host posting things are like sometimes even living rooms people don’t even like sit down and they’re just mainly like right in the beginning Home Builder Amarillo TX of the house, and they’re just so supposed to be fancy. And, like in contemporary homes. That may be totally relaxed and it may be the new home, where like toys and stuff are, but most the time is not like in formal houses that have more than one, the front one is used as a formal setting, just to kind of set the tone of the house and like just sit down if you need to.

Like if you’re having a serious talk or like maybe family Christmas maybe it’s there, or just like really where things are held that don’t require Home Builder Amarillo TX messes. Honestly, is how I would put it, so most people like socialize in the kitchen. And, or like maybe in the living room. But they don’t really like do anything they just use it as a place to talk. And so the family room is like the functional part of the house, so it’s like where the kids may play and everyone comes together and relaxes. So, as more kid friendly, I would say, and relax. There Home Builder Amarillo TX may be some toys in there, there may be some games. So, yeah, so there definitely is a difference but it’s definitely up to the family, and what is what and where stuff goes and what you want to do and living here and what you want to do in the dining room what you want to do in the family room.

But the main overall idea is in a fancy house that you build if you want to have more than one, usually the fret room is a living room and is used as a formal area where people get together and talk maybe like serious things or like if there’s a dinner party, mice in here, whereas the family room is the main room, where people come together to relax at the end of the day so like mostly just for the family. I guess the guests would go to the living room, you know, and family would go to the family room because it’s more lacks it’s maybe a little bit more messy might be toys everywhere might play Home Builder Amarillo TX some games in here. You know, it just honestly depends on the family and what the family needs what the family wants and how many kids the family has these are all factors that go into what makes a living room or living room and what makes the family room a family room. So next we’re going to be talking about whenever you are choosing your living room like whether whenever you are decorating it or rebuilding new house you might want to take these things into consideration. So the main thing that you might have to take into consideration is the seating. So it’s very common that whenever you walk into a house you see the furniture it kind of sets the tone for the entire house, and it kind of tells you what their style is what kind of people they are you know how clean they are so most the time it’s really a good idea to have like a sectional or like Lyft sofa and a regular sofa and maybe a chair, like all kind of in the same color scheme.

And then, a lot of people have like one or two acts and chairs in a living room and this really like gives out a feel that you’re young and I your contemporary you know have style and you know you’re looking at like the bigger picture. Because they’re just like choosing one color for everything it might get a little boring and it might get lost in space. So it’s very important. You also you play such into the shape of the furniture so if you have like a small room, you might want to pay extra attention to what type of furniture and how much furniture you’re putting inside of the living room because these are all things I could take away instead of adding to the room. So anything that you want to change, maybe is like a showroom feeling so you don’t want to look like everything has been purchased at the same time from the same store with the same thing so maybe like mix and match different designs so maybe do like a rustic feel as well as a contemporary feel, you know, it’s very important to show like maybe you want to Home Builder Amarillo TX show some pictures of your family some knickknacks that your family has collected over time, your grandparents or maybe you know just kind of change our styles of change our generational decorations and now also just like make it more personal, instead of just saying, you know, like, oh I want this one thing in my room and nothing else you know that’ll kind of help you avoid that situation.

So another situation that you might want to avoid is, like, maybe, picking a small rug. You don’t want to pick a rug that’s too small that just goes in the very middle of the thing you might want to put it under the furniture or something like that because if you to the rock that is too small to go inside the building. It’ll make the entire living room appear way too small. So these are just a few of the design things that you might want to look out for. It’s always good to plan out your room and look at the bigger picture. And thanks as we discussed before the family room, living room, or the formal living room.