And then you also have you need to Home Builder Amarillo TX scrub brush and really put some like elbow grease into this really scrub and scrub and scrub and most of the stages come right on out. I know that my friend was like super surprised and then the passenger seeing her car was a little bit messy so they had to do a couple tries but like a couple rounds but just go and do as many rounds as it takes. I know for sure I need to try it when I get home and then you can also get a lot of the like the format’s really clean this way too. And then what are the side effects of this so that you should be that you should be weary of is that it will leave the smell of vinegar lingering. So use some of those foot breeze carbonates and it will get out or whatever. You Yeah. Okay, so what about if yes, how about more.

So, um, you really need to make sure that your value vacuuming everything and then the creases and everything push the city forward recline folder and everything. Okay. Yeah. So the fabric upholstery, we’re going to kind of be talking about another Home Builder Amarillo TX way to do it. Use two tablespoons of dish soap again, one foot of boiling water this time and then one tablespoon of borax. Mix the borax in the soap and then pour the boiling water over it and allow it to cool to room temperature and then pour into a spray bottle. And then make sure to still spot test everything. Okay, and then so you’re going to spray that and then use a scrub brush new like super firmly and then what do you can do is get a microfiber cloth dipped in warm water, Home Builder Amarillo TX rub it burn it over the thing to pick up the dirt. And yeah, so make sure to rinse as it goes that way you’re not spreading it everywhere. And then use a new rag to dry it off. And then I’m use a fabric tighter to whenever you’re finished.

So now so how do you spot clean with baking soda we talked a lot about baking soda and how it can be used. So you’re gonna get hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, vinegar and water. That’s going to be like a thick paste. So this time you’re going to be like a super old toothbrush. Allow the pace to dry completely whenever you’re applying it onto the stain in the vacuum with the residue. Good just continue the process until until it aged and if it happens to be blood switch to white vinegar hydrogen peroxide and use the same technique. hydroxide is better to bleach blood stains without breaking down carpet dies. So let’s talk about leather. Okay, so you don’t want to you you don’t want to use a metal vacuum attachment because you might scratch scratch the lover leather. Okay, so they’re like super stubborn stains pretreated with the leather conditioner, then Home Builder Amarillo TX i rub it with a leather stain remover and after 30 seconds wipe away the stain remover and just continue to clean.

So the cleaner and the conditioner and the recipe is a quarter of warm water tablespoon of mild baby soap with vinegar and then the stina River is cream of tartar and lemon juice which is just kind of crazy huh so specially the same way apply wipe tree apply white tree everything yeah be awesome. So water stains are super noticeable and also very normal. So it’s relatively easy to remove these and inexpensive as well. So the recipe for this is one cup of vinegar, one cup of clubs, soda, some baking soda and one cup dish detergent. So it makes it all into a spray bottle and sprinkle thick layer of the baking soda over the stain. So this is like a natural absorbent and a vacuum that up and then spray the remover over the stain area like a lot of it and then let that sit for 10 minutes and then use a scrub brush and scrub it in a circular motion until the stain disappears and then using a damn cloth white to remove the stuff so these are like your seats are used everyday is really just keep them clean. Yeah so here I’m just adding some words to really just make this baby pop. My day is going so great, it’s very nice out. Last Home Builder Amarillo TX night was a beautiful night. We say outside at the outdoor kitchen and watched the sunset. Very pretty. Some people just walked in and I’m not sure who it is. Kind of sounds like Jaxon but also doesn’t’ so I don’t really know.
I only need one hundred more words so lets tr to come up with some. Wen I have lunch today I might have a cheeseburger. I really want one but I need to save money so I’ll probably just go have a cheeseburger. Don’t ever go ith your mam to apply for a job. That’s some advice that amy just gave me. I’m not sure why. Maybe the person that just come in was a guy. IDK. Anyways. So I saw a garage sale this Home Builder Amarillo TX weekend and I wanted to go but I didn’t. maybe I should have. No there’s a lot of different ways out there. This is just like a few that I learned and I’ve heard about and so I don’t know for sure the 100% accuracy but it definitely is something to look into and to not forget about because when people get in your car that’s the first thing I notice is states. So you might as well clean them up and get things rocking and rolling. You know I’m saying so yeah. Oh yeah I love listening to music I can’t wait to hear some new songs at lunch. I love to