So one thing that I always struggle with and decorating my homes and apartments that I live in is decorating and a hallway. I don’t know why it’s so hard, but we’re going to kind of be talking about that today by creating Home Builder Amarillo TX a hallway, it’s gonna be awesome. So the first thing you need to look at because we’re I know we’re talking about like narrow hallways that’s my main problem is because I always don’t know if you should add a lot of stuff on the wall there not a lot around to light turn around like look at things.

I don’t know. You know, hallways I feel like can be beautiful, and it’s like the perfect blank canvas to like, show some bold things but let’s just kind of talk about it so look at the floor in the ceiling first. Okay, so if you look at the, if you like, add a runner, maybe that can add some like that little like that long rug maybe that can add some pop of color, or maybe you want to swap out the lights, and make it like brighter or whatever. I think that some small details can really add like a huge difference to the hallway. And so that’s just a good idea like if you’re on walls or why, or whatever or gray, maybe add like a color full runner, or something or like really Home Builder Amarillo TX brighten up the place with the bright lights, and then add stuff to the wall. Okay, make it like let make it a showcase or some of the things that you love to do, or like don’t forget the pictures you know what I’m saying. Like you need to add maybe like paint the walls of color you don’t have anywhere else.

It’d be fun and not unexpected and and make it really feel special like its own place because it can often like blend in and it can oftentimes like get lost in the home or whatever and it doesn’t Home Builder Amarillo TX really feel like anything so you could also add wallpaper that would be awesome okay so like for unique wall treatment, since it’s a tiny space it’s not very much commitment and you can go crazy crazy crazy Okay, so try like a bold color or bold pattern. Just try if you’re really like wondering about an accent wall somewhere, put it in the hallway see how you feel about it because you’re not going to see it you’re like you know I’m saying you’re not going to wake up in the morning and Home Builder Amarillo TX they’d be the first thing you see, so you’re going to be able to really think about it and really give it a shot.

Before you like really commit to it so to that so small, as a place to go and add some fun art to your wall. You know I’m saying like, add some family photos do a fun little saying so I saw this one a hallway where it was like completely blank It was super bright in there in the walls were painted navy blue at the very end of the hallway there was this blank wall. Anyways, and on that blank wall was like a photo frame with a big quote inside of it. I don’t remember what it said but like the border of that photo frame was like bright yellow and it was just like a really cool way to add some color and some stuff that like really makes your personality speak out. Okay, so if you do have Home Builder Amarillo TX like a super narrow place this might not be for you but if it is a little bit on the wider side maybe you could add a little table where you can like put your keys or like maybe like a floating shelf or something where you put a lamp.

You know I’m saying like, I don’t think that that would be such a hassle if if you had just like enough room. And so if you wanted to make the room look or the hallway look a little bit wider, maybe add color to your trend, you know, or maybe add some mirrors around the place I think that, like the mirrors really do kind of open it up and stuff, to make it look larger, and some. And you can also incorporate cubbies so my sister has like three copies for her for her hobbies one for her one for her husband one for her, one for each of the kids and they like kind of put their stuff that they’re going to take to school in the morning there and they’re going to take to work and it was like, it’s like a pretty cool way to kind of hide everything right there have it already for you but it’s it’s like a dug out cubby it’s not really taking up much room in the hallway because it is like dugout, so I think it’s just pretty cool. And also super cute like whenever they hang Home Builder Amarillo TX everything up and you could also have like a bench that she has right there to get what’s it called. It’s like sit down and tie your shoes and everything. And so if you also wanted to make the space look bigger I know that we already talked about it will kind of, but you can also use light to make it look bigger, you know, especially like in a narrow hallway, the more light, the bigger the space looks so yeah so track lighting is really good for this specific problem because you can like look at the deepest and darkest corners outer space and really get out all of the goods, out of that time, or out of that space or whatever. And then you could really incorporate the molding if you like put more stuff on the walls, I think that it kind of takes away from how small the space is.