So, coming from a town of about 300 people and then moving to a town of, you know how many people way more than that, though, a college town in Lubbock, I’ve definitely learned the pros and cons of living in a country and living Home Builder Amarillo TX in the city. So I’m going to kind of be talking about, like, why I liked living in such a big town. And you know what some of the pluses were. And I mean, as well as some of the cons, I already kind of talked about the cons, the pros of living in the country. So we’re going to kind of be talking about the city on this one. So very first, is obviously, the public transportation. So whenever you’re going on a night out, or your car breaks down, or anything, you can always like call a company to come get you like a taxi or an Uber or something, and they can give you a ride. In the small town, this just isn’t as feasible, it’s not as possible, there are no Uber drivers.

So obviously, you know, it’s not an option, Home Builder Amarillo TX especially if you live like in the middle of nowhere, it’s just definitely not an option. So I’ve really enjoyed that part about the city living. And I think that it is a good way to prevent DW eyes and think it’s a good way to get to work. If your car’s broken down, I think that it’s a good way to get where they need to go, if I don’t know, maybe you’re like, I don’t know, got your license taken away, or just several different reasons. Or maybe you’re just out of gas, you know, there’s just a bunch of advantages to that. And also, another thing is that, how much opportunity for entertainment there is like, there’s always something to do in the cities, like you can go to the bowling alley, or to the city pool, or maybe to the movie theater, in the country, you can maybe go to like the windmill, or like at the carwash, if you want to have a night out, you know, I’m saying like, it’s just not very fun and exciting. But even on the weekdays, like in the city, if you go, there’s like concerts all throughout the week, or there’s like plays and Home Builder Amarillo TX everything. And so there’s there’s always something to do, and there’s restaurants and everything. But that’s kind of where I’m going to talk about next is the amount of restaurants like there’s so much better. I know and the nearest town to us right now at home is like, you know, Mexican food or barbecue.

And sometimes you kind of want something else. And so in the big city, you can have a huge Friday, you can have sushi, Indian food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Japanese food, you know, like, there’s just a bunch and bunch of different sandwich shops, other than just subway, you know, I’m saying I love subway, but sometimes, you know, kinda want something else. So yeah, that’s just another advantage, there’s just so much more places to eat. There’s also way more places to buy your food as well. I know that here, like I said, like the nearest grocery stores about 15 minutes away. But in the big city, maybe the nearest grocery stores like 15 seconds away, you know, and there’s a lot more options. There’s a Walmart, United HDB, all in the town that I’m in right now. And I love it. So Home Builder Amarillo TX you can like be sure that you’re really getting the best deals because you have so many different stores to compare it to. And that’s also with shopping, I love shopping and exclamation point. Anyways, and so there’s way more places to shop. And there’s way more places to get a good deal.

I know, like all the discount stores I love to go to. But in the small town, you know, there are none of those. They have like a few little stores here and there and a few little boutiques, but those boutiques are also super expensive. And sometimes I don’t really want to go to them. So yeah, so that’s definitely a pro is that you have way more places to shop at and way more places to compare, you Home Builder Amarillo TX know, things or whatever. And another thing is medical care. So if you don’t like a hospital here, you don’t like to certain doctor, you’re basically just kind of out of luck, or you have to go to a different town because we are very limited resources here. And so you’re not getting possibly the best medical care that you can. I mean, it’s still good. Obviously, there’s still doctors, there still nurses and everything. But sometimes, you know, maybe you need a specific type of Doctor that’s not available where you live. So you need to go to a larger city like Dallas, or somewhere like around here.

And in the bigger city, you know, they have more resources, they have Home Builder Amarillo TX more money to hire these doctors that you need. So you don’t have to keep on traveling everywhere to go to your doctors, they can be right there in the town that you live in. So that’s definitely an advantage. And also they have like a bunch of different urgent cares and everything. Here if the ER is filled up and waiting, like you don’t have to wait. But in the other cities like you can go to an ER or an urgent care that is like has less of a line because there’s so many of them. So people are more spread out. So that’s definitely an advantage as well. And then also sports games so you can go to your on your favorite teams like in love, they kind of a lot of people came and watched the tech tech football team player, the basketball team or whatever, and an apple and a lot of people go watch ACU and so that’s just definitely like a thing to do.