So you’re planning out a game plan for your new house and you’re thinking of some of the amenities that you may need inside of this house to make it more of a home to make it more comfortable and more homey and more spacious and more welcoming. And so you What can you add to your living room that will say Home Builder Amarillo TX come on in. So the first thing that you may add is a obviously like comfortable furniture, and stuff like that, to make it just a more welcoming and making people want to sit down and another thing you may add is a fireplace. So there are different budget for fireplaces gas electric wood burning. And these are all like very common, and it just depends on what you’re using it for and why lifestyle you want and what how often you want to use it. And like, where your home is located at, and what you’re not going to want to have a wood burning fireplace, if you don’t live in your around any would like if you live in the middle of the city.

It’s probably Home Builder Amarillo TX not the best idea I mean you could always do it, you could buy the word, but I don’t know it’s just not financially. The best, necessarily, so you may want to go for like a different type. But, once again, it’s always ultimately up to the customer and you know what the team can do. So after you pick out what kind of fireplace, you need to budget out and expenses for It’s like putting in the fireplace cuz you’re gonna have to have like a chimney and you’re going to have to have a space in the living room, cleared out for this fireplace and be able to like hollow it out and put it in and everything, so it’s going to take time it’s going to take money but it will ultimately be worth it because of how beautiful it will be. So you not only do you have to buy the fireplace, but you also need to buy the tools that go with the fireplace so if you do choose to do a wood burning. You’re gonna have to do and and iron And this is what you put in the fireplace to like hold up the logs if it’s wood burning. And it’s very like old school looking see a lot in older homes but it is necessary if you choose to do a wood burning.

So, another thing you’re going to need is a fireplace poker. So this poker is like a small rod that you’re going to use to push the burning materials into the fireplace like if you’re putting newspapers are like turning wood or you think you’re going to want to have that, but Home Builder Amarillo TX you’re going to want to have an insulated handle. That way you don’t burn your hand. You’re also gonna need a bellows. This is like a tool that is used to put pressure, like put it the amount of air in the specific part of your fireplace, to make the flames grow and stuff. So like the same way you blow on a candle a little bit to change direction to make it bigger, take on little flame she just blowing it that’s basically what the bellows do it’s like a controlled pressurized air that is put into the fireplace in certain places to make the flames grow, and also going to be needing some tongs.

And that way you can put hot materials into the fireplace whereas the rod, you know she used to poke it and to move it around the town she put into are used to put stuff into the fireplace. So, and then you also obviously need a broom so that way after your fire is done burning you can sweep out all the ash and all the other materials that may have been left behind. So, so there are a lot of pros and cons for all the gas fireplace as well, obviously one of the first pros is that it doesn’t take any word. So, being it is minimal. You don’t have to like clean it up or anything. However, and also, It’s very instant so you can turn it on and instantly and you can remote control to get the fire started you can remote control to turn it off. You can do all of these things. So what are some of the disadvantages, obviously the price of gas is going to be high, but I especially like in certain places of the world where maybe gas is going to be close to accessible. But some of the letters of wood burning is like, obviously the aroma and like what you smell and it just makes you feel at Home Builder Amarillo TX home in the overall study I feel just kind of, when you think the fireplace, but most people think of wood burning and like sitting in front of it during when it’s snowing outside that honestly can’t be replaced with the guest Oh, because of just how beautiful it is.

And then also, if your electricity goes out Home Builder Amarillo TX or if your gas line busts, you’re still going to have this wood burning fireplace. So that’s one of the main reasons why people use that as like a backup source of heat and light. Maybe in light if you live in the story area or like in the country where technicians won’t be able to come out immediately this may be the option for you. And then you can also pick. You know if you want but some of the disadvantages is, like I said before the availability of the word. Yeah. And also, you may not want to do, annual maintenance, because you have to have your fireplace inspected Home Builder Amarillo TX annually. And also, you can’t turn this on and off with a click of a button. And it’s just not as awesome. Sometimes, then for electric fireplaces some of the pros and cons, a pro. Obviously, the advantages of electric is not like necessarily an insert it may just be like a device that you buy instead of against a wall so these are not as expensive most of the time because they don’t require any like home renovations or anything.