So sometimes graduated high school I had moved into several apartments. And I’ve kind of learned the ins and outs of picking an apartment, Of course, I don’t know everything. But I’m just going to kind of give out some Home Builder Amarillo TX tips that I’ve learned over time about picking apartments. So The first thing, obviously, is the location. Is it safe? Is it gated, because I really do like the gated ones just because I feel like they kind of kind of regulate who’s going in and out. But obviously, there are some glitches, but it’s way more regulated than just no gate. So doesn’t always work. It doesn’t keep everyone out. But it does kind of keep some people out there lazy.

So that’s exciting. And I enjoy those with the gated things where you either have to, like get in with a key or with a password or something like, I live in an apartment now where you have to call the whoever lives Home Builder Amarillo TX at the apartment, and they have to like open it for you, The residents do. So I really enjoy that one. Just That way you kind of know like, if someone’s coming to visit you, You know ahead of time and stuff like that, and no one can like surprise you. And also about the crime Do you live? is it located in a place that’s well known for a crime? is it located in a place that like is kind of Home Builder Amarillo TX dangerous as near the highway is it run off of like the intersection, which is what mine is off of, but it doesn’t really bother me, but it might borrow my ball or some people? Anyways, so you also kind of need to consider what is it close to when it comes to location. So is it close to whatever school or like place of work you’re going to be attending? Is it close to your family as I close to like certain stores, Walmart’s gas stations and stuff like that you really need to be aware of your surroundings whenever you are picking an apartment. And so I usually pick apartments that are close to school, because most of the time these are filled with residents are like students, rather than just regular residents. And so I kind of like that a little bit more because one, they’re a little bit more lenient, and they know Home Builder Amarillo TX bout school and stuff. And so the hours at the front are more often open. And they usually have like study rooms and stuff like that.

And so it’s way more convenient to live in student apartments than it is on regular apartments when you’re in school. But sometimes I know that you don’t have a choice. And I lived in apartments that were in Austin Apartments, and they were Home Builder Amarillo TX awesome as well. But I’ve also done some bad apartments. So you pick out your location, and you decide that you do like that, you kind of need to do several walkthrough. And one thing that I have learned is that sometimes they’ll show you a model apartment and not the apartments that you’re going to be moving into. So it’s very important that you ask, you know, what is the layout of the apartment that they are going to be putting you in because I’ve been to one apartment where I looked at a model and I fell in love with it. But then I walked into the apartment they were going to put me in and I absolutely hated it.

You know, and so I was kind of sold on something that wasn’t going to be given to me and they didn’t really make it clear. So you just need to make sure to ask is this the model apartment or is this the apartment that is that is you know, up for grabs. And so that’s very important to do. And then you also need to measure like is your bed going to fit is your dress are going to fit you need to measure the rooms because sometimes whenever you look at something online, you just really don’t know. So you really need to take a measuring tape whenever you go on those tours. And so that’s another reason why it’s so important to look at the apartment that you’re going to actually be possibly moving into because how can you know if everything is going to fit if you don’t even know what the apartment looks like, you know? And then another thing to look for.

I don’t know why I’ve never looked for this, but I just never did until it was too late. I never looked for a pantry. I was so blown away by lots of new appliances are like the amount of space that was on the counters and everything that I never looked to see if there was a place for my food. So right now it’s kind of like everything is in cabinets and stuff. And so next apartment I move into I’m definitely going to be looking for Home Builder Amarillo TX Like a pantry. I don’t know why I never thought of that. But, uh huh. Yeah, So another thing to be kind of wary about is are you downstairs? Are you upstairs? Are you in the middle? Right now I’m in the middle floor. And I don’t mind it. But I always hear my upstairs neighbor stopping all the time. And I always hear my downstairs neighbor’s dog. So it’s like I’m getting noise from both sides. But usually they kind of quiet down I tell them to but that’s just another thing to take into consideration. If you’re on the top floor. Do you have dogs? You know? Are you going to have big dogs that are going to be a nuisance or the people below you? Or are you on the bottom floor, you know, and I like how much stuff you had to move up.