So everyone has things in their house that they just absolutely hate doing, like some people hate, you know, cleaning out Home Builder Amarillo TX the products and stuff. Some people hate cleaning out the gutters. Will I hate cleaning my oven? oven? Yeah. So I absolutely hate it. Like, I will do whatever it takes to put it off and put it off and put it off. And I will like have other people do it, have my roommates do it. I just hate doing it. You know, I just feel like it’s such a pain and everything. Well, I have recently changed my mind because I have found a very easy way to do it. So I’m going to kind of be sharing some ways that I found that kind of take some of the pain away but the pain is still very real. So I found this hack or whatever online. And yeah, and so it uses like all natural stuff, not any chemicals.

So this is going to kind of be using like vinegar and baking soda. And I don’t really like vinegar, it really just smells bad, but whatever. So you can use this to these to clean like your toilet you’re saying and everything. So yeah. So you need to also talk about what kind of Home Builder Amarillo TX oven you have. So there are like kind of four different kinds there. I would say three. So like convection ovens, Gas and Electric. Okay, so yeah. So gas ovens tend to cook things only evenly and like brown baking items and convection ovens Kosta faster and evenly. So they require like lower temperature for cooking. And then so yeah, so the best way to clean your oven is using items you already have in your house. So so like vinegar, salt and baking soda, can you be used to make you’re oven cleaning go by easier, and it’s organic. And so yeah, it’s just, yeah, it’s awesome.

So you need Home Builder Amarillo TX to get like a spray bottle, you can get this from like Home Depot or Walmart, or like even the dollar store probably. And you need to fill it up about two thirds, about two thirds of water, one third of vinegar, okay, and then you need to have some solid baking soda side. So take out the oven racks First of all, because you’re going to have to clean those separately. And you can use the same technique to clean those as well. Just sure that you’re taking them out. And then spray like everything. So you spray the inside for the doors by the bottom of the walls and everything. So get everything wet. Okay. And then so after everything is wet with the water and the vinegar makes, you’re gonna like sprinkle the baking soda over, were like, there’s anything so like, if there’s something that’s kicked on there, that’s been there for a while, put like a little extra pile of baking soda, okay, and then put a like a thick, thick, thick layer of the salt over the baking soda. And this kind of also help that and then spray it again one more time. So then there’s going to be like a chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda, and it’s going to cause like little sizzle bubbles out or whatever, don’t worry, that’s just it working. And then K, so you need to like, let this sit overnight. And if you’re doing it in the morning, then maybe they just let it sit for like four or five hours.

And, and then so you also need like a scrubby that has like a course side and everything is just going to come up. So after you open it up, and then night like a there three hours later The next morning, it’s gonna probably smell even bigger. So you’re going to kind of spray it with one more time at the vinegar in the water and just wipe everything out. Okay. And Home Builder Amarillo TX then if it doesn’t come out, maybe need a little bit of extra elbow grease in it. And so this doesn’t take long, you know, and then you can also buy like oven liners and baking mats too, keep everything clean. But this is also just a way to kind of do it. And I literally hate cleaning the oven. But this is just something that I have found. That does help a little bit. And I like to keep stuff Home Builder Amarillo TX natural, I don’t really worry too much about it. But sometimes whenever I do, you know, I don’t really like to walk into the house and it just smell completely like bleach. I can I like to smell clean, but I don’t like it to smell like all those chemicals every time. And if I’m logged in the house, I feel like I’m getting high on the chemicals. And that’s just sometimes not necessarily what I want. So especially like I get kind of paranoid whenever it comes to like where I’m putting my food. So they have like a bunch of oven cleaners at stores and everything you can buy.

But usually those just are a little bit more toxic. And so when I’m getting something that is like what I’m using to prepare my food, I like to use more natural chemicals. And so this is like a really good way to do so. So it’s really good to like really take care of everything that you have in your home. And the best way to take care of the stuff in your home is to just keep it clean and make sure that no food is getting kicked on. I know that like I literally hate doing I found this hack. And so it makes it easier to do it. But I still hate doing it. But super important that you just keep on doing the stuff that you hate to do. And isn’t that kind of what life’s about doing stuff you don’t want to do. Anyways, and so, yeah, well, yeah, so just kind of take care of the appliances you have and they can last for like a really long Home Builder Amarillo TX time. And you can buy you know, those making math and everything to kind of keep things better. I buy those because I hate cleaning the oven. =