One of the most exciting part about building a new home is getting a new room. And so whether this is the guest room or your childhood room or your master bedroom This is one of the most exciting parts by far is what I keep on hearing. So today we’re going to be talking about some of the must haves in the master bedroom and then we’ll kind of go through the guest bedroom next. So first we’re gonna do the master bed. So one of the first things that you need to have is definitely you need to plan for a walk in closet and now this is like the ultimate dream master bed so you don’t need to have all of these maybe you want a few of them.

Or maybe you want all of them but this was just kind of throwing out some ideas. So do you people ever have what they think is enough closet space, you know they just want to keep on growing and you know they want like a luxury walk in closet that makes you feel like you’re in a boutique And it can kind of take out some of the stress of getting ready in the morning but also it can totally add more because you Home Builder Amarillo TX might be so overwhelmed. But definitely if you don’t want a whole lot a whole huge closet. Definitely one thing you for sure need is a full length mirror. This may be in your bathroom in your closet, I don’t know where anything go anywhere but you definitely need one because you need to be able to look at your entire Home Builder Amarillo TX outfit before you go that way you know you’re never going to feel confident in what you’re wearing and stuff until you can look into a full length mirror and really just get the full idea of what you look like. And then another thing that is like super common now is that the master bedrooms have like a sitting area they used to just be sleeping there used to be a bed, a dresser a closet and that would be it but now they have like seating areas. So This could be like super comfortable chairs. Maybe like a next to a side table with a book on it. I’m reading glasses, you know just like simple stuff you want to go in there to relax. So I was talking to one of my friends and they were telling me about how they don’t Home Builder Amarillo TX do anything in their bed but sleep So like they don’t scroll through their phone in their bed they don’t watch TV.

So that way when they do lay down their body knows that it is time to go to sleep so maybe you could have these chairs in there like a couch or something that could really you know, be the place that you do that in your room relaxing but that way your body still knows that it’s time to sleep whenevryou get into the bed because she told me that our bodies really do get confused and that might be why people having trouble sleeping at night so that is just maybe like a good idea to kind of throw it in there. And with that seating area you need. You need a beautiful rug right there You need to be able to get out of bed and just have your warm feet touch something like the carpet not the cold wouldn’t for that way you don’t have to walk around with those shoes on you really should be able to have beautiful beautiful beautiful carpet in there or rug. That needs to be like plush and because in the first thing in the morning Do you want to step on something cold? No No matter how beautiful that tile or that marble or that wood is you want to have a carpet or at least like a small little brag anything okay? Okay, so another thing that is super, super common nowadays to Home Builder Amarillo TX have in like a huge bedroom.

Huge master bed is a balcony or like a patio. So whenever you’re like on the second floor, usually will have big French doors opening up to this patio. And it is such an internet moment like it is such a picture perfect day thing that you can just you can kind of slip out and maybe in the mornings you can sit and drink your coffee there you can read a little book, just wake up and like watch the sunrise or if you’re a night owl you can sit out there and watch a sunset with your husband and it would just be beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So You could also kind of like help you relax after a long day of work. Just going outside and relaxing and kind of hiding from the kids a little bit. And that would be awesome and it’d be such a beautiful thing to have in your bedroom. And then also you want to have window treatments that really just like Home Builder Amarillo TX block the sunlight out. Not only do you want like luxury windows, beautiful windows, but you’re also going to want to block those out because it has been proven that like the darker the room is the better you sleep. So So if your bedroom faces the east, you should really have these because that’s the way that the sun is going to rise.

So Yeah, so it’s just really going to help you Home Builder Amarillo TX And maybe like during the day you could have shares to block sunlight during the day and then kind of close the drapes during the night and kind of help keep the sunlight out. And then so another thing that you might be interested in is luxury bedding. This is going to be so great you cannot sleep good without beautiful like fantastic comfortable pillows mattresses, you have to be comfortable in order to be able to sleep well