So I have recently been trying to make different things that less like you don’t necessarily see all the time and like dessert wise until one of the things that I have made recently is a cream puffs. So first I’m gonna tell you about the whipped cream, like middle cream part that goes in the middle and then I’ll tell you about Home Builder Amarillo TX what I use to make the actual path. So for the cream. All I do is I get heavy whipping cream and I whip about living on of course how many you’re going to make but I usually whip, about two cups of the cream and I do in a stand mixer on high, with the whisk attachment. And then I do with that for about five minutes, added some light, one, two tablespoons of sugar granulated and then one tablespoon of. Excuse me, of vanillaHome Builder Amarillo TX and I let that whip until it’s the consistency that I want and I want it pretty thick.

Just because what’s it called. Yeah, I don’t know, it’s just the consistency I want so I can pipe it in there. So, I’ll give you the measurements at the end but are now I’m just going to kind of tell you the steps that I do. So the first step is you’re going to warm up a saucepan and then you’re going to put the water the butter and the milk and the salt, all in there until it comes to a boil, but you want to make sure that because you’re using steak butter like margarine and stuff and so you’re going to want to chop that up into fine like slices or whatever before you put it in the sauce pan so it can melt easier. And, Yeah, so the butter needs to be 100% melted. And this everything needs to be boiling before you’re moving on. That’s why it’s so important to cut into small pieces. So remotely remove the mixture from the heat and pour the flour into the pot with the mixture.

And then you can stir it until it kind of becomes smooth and yeah so then you’re Home Builder Amarillo TX going to dry out the mixture and this is kind of weird I’ve never done this before before I did this recipe but. So you’re going to bring the pot back to the medium, he kind of like flatten the mixture to the bottom of the sauce pants are going to need like kind of a big one, depending on how much you’re making, but yeah just needs to be flat, all the way across the bottom, and then to let that sit and you’re going to hear like this fine little snapping and crackling. So like, move the edge of the mixture to the side and there should be like a small film clinging on to the bottom of the pan. And if it’s not laid Home Builder Amarillo TX back down and then check again and then what it is. That means it’s dried out enough. Okay so that way you know that’s what kind of makes it pop up.

And then this part is awesome, I love to do this part, I like to stir it. Okay, so then you remove it from the heat put it back into the mixing bowl and then put turn on the standard mixer again. Let it whip, I let it do it like kind of like vigorously until all of this team has evaporated. Okay, so they will like finish continuing to dry it out and help it get that golden color. That’s why it’s so important and then still off of the heat, you’re going to add in the egg so one at a time, Leinster vigorously. With the stand mixer, after you TX put each again until it’s completely absorbed. Do not rush this or the egg will start choking and everything and it will just be bad. So then there should be like a smooth look kind of glossy and away. And that time you know that it’s ready to use if it’s glossy. So, buying your baking sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil and then put, so I like to get a cup and then put the dough in a Ziploc bag but kinda there’s a bug bag in the club first, and like, flip the edges around the edges of the cabin and fill that with the dough. And then zip it and cut the corner off and then put it into like little. It doesn’t even have to be like face like fancy or anything, it just needs to be like a little Home Builder Amarillo TX mound basically, and then stick your finger in flour, and then poke down because there’s going to have like a point at the top of that, where you put the little ball.

So, get a flower some water and just kind of poke that point down so that way it’s not right there. And then the show will be hollow, so then get a piping thing like we do with the dough and then you’re going to do it with the mixture of the whipped cream that we made. Okay and then so you’re gonna show that but you really want to wait until that the cream puffs or, or until the pastries are cool down before you pipe them Home Builder Amarillo TX because it will just like make all that piping, just kind of ooze out and will melt it and everything and it just won’t be very good. So you can also let cover these and chocolate that’s what I want to do next. And you can freeze these pretty well. Just make sure that you freeze them without filling them and then dawn before filling came, so you can also feel them and eat them like kinda straight out of there like frozen but it’s not going to throw up very well. So that’s just kind of the downside of that. Yeah, so it will take about you can give them to the floor in the refrigerator for like 14 hours. Yeah.