But it’s also like the perfect height and everything and there’s also like a lot of storage space underneath it so that was a really nice so Home Builder Amarillo TX yeah, another thing that you could really do that is actually kind of cool is like you can use it like a glass pendant on the light because we talked about wanting to keep it bright and everything in a good way to like decorate the room first of all, making it like look classy and stuff and then to it’s not adding anything to the floor. It’s not taking away any force base is decorating it with a wife beater. pendant light pendant or chandelier, anything it can also create the illusion of like that you have more space in there. Yeah, so it’ pretty cool. And then yeah, and another way that you can also decorate and like also reduce the usage of different furniture in the room is using like bedside tables that are built in or like are floating or something like that. Those are pretty cool. There’s just like a lot of different ways that you can do it. side tables, that Yeah, so basically, like I said, like the built in shelves on it as a side table are pretty cool. Pretty cool. And you can also use like, kind of to make the room look more tall.

Instead, you could use site tall canopy linens, do like highlights of vertical space or whatever. And like just like highlight Home Builder Amarillo TX them, like build them around the bed or whatever. It’s like you can close them and stuff when you’re sleeping. But also it really does give it give it A sense of different heights and levels and stuff in the room that really makes it look a lot taller. So yeah, and like when you use when you think about like a retreat you think of like the white bed with like the airy curtains around the bed and everything and like that’s kind of the same feeling like everything really just feels kind of open whenever you do it like that. It kind of takes some planning and stufffew other ways just so I can get about 600 more words, which was not going to be too bad, is honestly, you could.

So another way that is not really talked about is like a wood wall. Like it kinda class like a cabin in the woods kind of feeling and it’s minimal, and has like built a wooden closet and a desk and stuff and I get all matches matchy. And anyways yeah i think that’s like a pretty cute way. And also another thing that you could do is add a bunch of different textures but like still sticking with that neutral tone you could choose different texture for the bedding, then you do for like the pillows and if you are going to do those sheets around like with us fabric around the bed and everything to create that light, airy feeling like we talked about, you could most definitely choose like a woven, you know, pattern for that or Home Builder Amarillo TX something like that, or like make a different kind of rug, or like a lampshade or like something just like add texture here in there and I think that it will kind of like, like it’d be a really cool way to just like express yourself and stuff. And then another thing that you could do is like color blocking so just basically do certain colors here and there’s like a white bed frame and like a brown but headquarters I’m like that. And I just not really like makes a lot of colors but like still have different colors in the room just in different places. Yeah, and then it’s just really important basically to have to like Home Builder Amarillo TX have a place, and to have it open and stuff, and to have it Bry and make it look like sunlight is coming out there, I mean like into the room and everything. And so like that’s like the main thing, honestly.

So another thing you could do is like, oftentimes in the small bedrooms, there’s not a lot of closet space so as we talked about you can move the closets, like this stuff out of the closet that you don’t need in there all year round. And then you could also like add an extra rack or something, or like add some hanging shelves, and they have like a lot of stuff at the store, like additions that you can add to your closet that will provide you with like extra storage space. And so I think that’s a really good Home Builder Amarillo TX thing to invest in I think in like you could use those things that like you vacuum down. You know I’m talking about. And then, I think what you can do is like a statement and decorations like on the wall, yeah I’m saying, you could you like different patterns of like, like a wall gallery is pretty cool.

And then like just find different posters and stuff that all kind of stick with the same theme that’s the most important thing. So like we talked about block and I go into more detail is color blocking so this can like really add some sort of mention and color. So like if you have a wall, and you want a lot of color in the room maybe do like half of it, the white that has been around there that have a different color like a blue or something. Just like Home Builder Amarillo TX split it evenly in that kind of like gives the contemporary feeling and stuff. And one more thing was also like low furniture so maybe if you use like a platform bed, which is like really low to the ground, it will give the feeling of like a actually like a larger bed. To do that with like a small nightstand and not keep things from feeling too crowded. And then you know have some beers hang some drapes, and then also you know what’s really cool those beds that like you put in back into the wall. That’s actually really cool it’d be a really good idea to add space.