You can also make like brownies or chocolate chip brownie chocolate chip cookies, like a bunch of different things. Like dessert wise, that’s Home Builder Amarillo TX really popular one timing, my friend made this like huge chocolate chip cookie, and they cast iron and then took it to the basketball game. I’m sure her mom wanted to kill us for taking her cast iron there because I would probably punch my kids Not really, but I would probably really get onto them. And so yeah. So that’s just a few recipes, or Yeah, not really recipes just like meal ideas I guess. So sees me is like adding oil you know to be baked on in this kind of will also help with like easy cleanup. That is often the most the main concern is that you don’t know how to clean the pan. And so that’s if you really do give on season he wants his thing I season mind after every single time I use it. And it just kind of helps your thing or your test I remain stain and rust free. And Yeah. So just like Ohio, then go to the Home Builder Amarillo TX vegetable oil or the Crisco. Put it in the oven for about an hour 350 degrees, turn the oven off the pan cool, get it out and wipe out the excess and this will help it all This will really help.

So You just need to also make sure that you’re cleaning it right after he finished cooking. Okay, Do not let you know everything sit in there and everything. So once again, don’t let it soak in water because this can cause it to rust. And that’s just annoying to try to get rid of. And they’re Home Builder Amarillo TX kind of expensive too. So Yeah. Also make sure you don’t ever use so I guess if you might need to, you can but you really shouldn’t. And if you do maybe just use like a little bitty bit. Okay. So to make sure Still though not to use any harsh chemicals. Don’t use like oven cleaner or anything. I think like the hardest thing you can use on is baking soda. So Also, don’t be afraid to use your cast iron because it’s so much work because it is a really a great thing to use. And you can really make like a lot of recipes with it.

I’ve seen like huge omelets being made with a lot of like I said before, a lot of desserts are made with the cast iron skillet. And I like to make mistakes. And I also like to make my fajita meet. I just think it gives it kind of like that grill taste. Obviously, it’s not the grill, but also a lot of people fry their chicken and their cast iron skillet make peach cobbler. You know, some people also make bread. That’s something I haven’t tried yet, but I would totally be loving to try them. And then you can also make nachos. I don’t know if you knew that or not. But you can also use that. And another thing that a lot of people love to do is pizza as a cast iron pizza because it’s like the perfect size for a personal pizza depending on you know what size but the one I have is perfect for it. And so you just like lay down some dough and then cover with the stuff that you want. And it’d be perfect. So you can find a of recipes online that can really help for another thing is that people Home Builder Amarillo TX oftentimes really do get intimidated by the cast iron just because it’s Some people believe that you have to be really good took to use it and you don’t you just need to kind of do some research before you touch it that way you don’t run it. But I love to make my stuff for free. He does like chicken steak. And then the bell peppers and onions and stuff. I love to make it my cast iron.

And then one of the main things I oftentimes sees cast our news for besides dessert is cornbread. cornbread cooks are really good in the cast iron skillet. And they actually like have, you know, corner recipes specifically for test iron skillet. And you can also make like a popper dip, like a Home Builder Amarillo TX jalapeno popper dip, I’ve seen that and that is pretty good to me Only thing is like you have to serve out of that. Sometimes, like depending on what you make, obviously you don’t have to serve, you know, stays out of that. But like if you’re going to make a dip or whatever, or like a skillet chicken parmesan, you probably should serve out of there.

But it’s okay, because it’s still beautiful. And it can really, you know, depending on how you season it, of course, we’re going to go back to that is going to be like how well it looks because the more he sees it, the less likely it is going to be rested. And so that’s just like a main thing that we need to talk about here is the seasoning. So I was teaching my roommates about the cast iron skillet. And they like refused to touch it because they’re so intimidated by it. But that’s okay. And if anything does happen, you can always replace it, It’s just that the main thing is that it does take a really long time to get it exactly how you want it. You could take years and years and years of using it and receiving it and using it and receiving it. So that’s the only problem you know if you ever did mess up, but in the beginning, it’s probably not going to be used for years If Home Builder Amarillo TX you do mess it up. So if you end up you can always just buy a new one, but really just do some research and maybe buy a book and talk to your mom about it or your grandparents and they’ll probably give you some tips.