We’re going to kind of be talking about traditional Italian dish that is just delicious is always like a fan favorite and crowd pleaser and very easy to make Home Builder Amarillo TX and stop. So you can, you know, make a huge amount of it and then freeze it, so you can use it later on. And she was just kind of like a good meal. So one of the first Well, I guess I’ll tell you what it is first. So it is lasagna. And lasagna is so delicious. And there’s all different kinds, you know, there’s just a lot of different types of Italian food, you know, you have chicken parmesan, Alfredo, Panay pasta, soup was on your soup or whatever. So that is just like, all types, but as long as really good, but you do need to be aware that it is pretty time consuming. But it’s like you can make it ahead of time you can phrase it can make a time. And it’s really good to take to a big ol crowd event.

So I’m so we’re going to kind of be talking about how to start it. Okay, so, um, what are you going Home Builder Amarillo TX to need? Like, what do you need to get from the store? Well, some of the basic things are the lasagna noodles, do not go in for the no big noodles. Or for the no cook noodles, you know, go ahead and go to the lowest regular lasagna noodles. You need a meat sauce. Now you can look up a recipe for that we’re not gonna really big going to be going over that right now. So you can do that. Or you could also just like buy some pre made meat sauce and the mozzarella cheese ricotta cheese, you’re gonna need a lot of cheese in here. This is not for the dairy free people. Okay. And then also, just some like regular Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning all season salt. So like that. Okay, so, um, do not do no boil noodles.

You know what I’m saying? Do not do those out all they’re too thin, or too thick. Yeah, and so they’re just not, they’re just not great. Um, yeah, they kind of are too chewy, and they’re not very tender. And yeah, they’re just not very good. So the classic noodles, you know, they can, it’s like if you soak them in a hot water, all the soft, all the sauce is simmering, then this kind of helps you work with it without Home Builder Amarillo TX having them torn, but they’re also kind of soft already. So is really helpful. So So first, obviously, you know so fearless on noodles. So I’m also you’re going to need to have like a pan that the lasagna noodles can spread out in. So probably usually like a 19 by three pan not by 13 pan. didn’t cover that in hot water. And don’t even worry about boiling it just do regular hot water and then just make sure that the noodles are like completely submerged. And then let them soak for about 30 minutes while you’re making the sauce. Okay. And this Bologna sauce is kind of like the meat sauce that we’re talking about. In this one, there’s a bunch of different ways to do it. You just basically need a Dutch oven, ground beef, onion sausage. And like garlic, and then salt, pepper.

And if you want some red pepper flakes to add a little spice in there, go ahead and do that. And then just bake that for a little bit and then during the grace out, and then you’re obviously going to need sunlight, tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, and all that. So you’re going to want to go ahead and mix all of that and some of your seasonings and then simmer it for 15 minutes. And then while you’re Home Builder Amarillo TX doing that I’m mixed together your cheeses are cream, some eggs, and then you’re going to layer it. So this is like the most exciting part. So you’re going to spread some of the meat sauce on the bottom layer of the pan, but make sure that it’s greased. And then put Home Builder Amarillo TX lasagna noodles and just like cover the thing you might have to turn some sideways and some vertical, horizontal or whatever. And you just might have to do them a little ways. And then you’re gonna have to do even layer of the cheese mixture. And then you’re going to do on top, you’re going to have fresh cut mozzarella, and then some fresh Parmesan. Okay, so then you’re going to go ahead and do the meat one more time than the noodles than the cheese than the fresh cheese until you get as much as you want.

Usually like probably two or three layers will do just as a big pan, and then just finish the top off with the rest of the meat sauce. And that is what really happened. So Home Builder Amarillo TX go ahead and cover the pan with the aluminum foil. Because whenever you’re baking something and like a pan, in addition, like that, that has like cheese and stuff inside of it, you’re gonna want to cover it that way doesn’t just put coke from the top down because the top might get burnt. So if you copper with foil, then it’s way more insulated and it kind of coat from the inside out. So that’s really good. And then also it kind of helps it prevent it from getting dry. And so if you do, like, if you spray the cookie sheet, the aluminum foil the side that’s going to be touching the meal, maybe the spray that so with the cheese and stick to it, that’s just kind of idea. But if it does take to it, it’s really not a big problem. So we’re going to go ahead and make that for about half an hour, two more