Home Builder Amarillo | We Have New Software for you

So one of the things that Chaney Construction has talked to you about before that numerous times, is our unique ability for the homeowners to be able to access our online construction software. And so that has been a fantastic feature that we have been able to offer for over a year now to our customers. And in all of our bidding processes as a Home Builder Amarillo. Over the last year, we’ve really seen a time short nap on those. And drastically, we used to be just like the other home builders, Amarillo and take forever to be able to get you a bed at least a month. And so that was just trying and tedious. And we just thought, well, that’s just the way it is well through, you know, our coaching and all of that we’ve realized that that’s not the way it has to be. It might be the way it is. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And we don’t want to spend a month fitting your project that’s what we’ve done in the past. But we don’t want to do that. And so this construction software that we’ve been using has been able to help us get kind of everything template, ID and kind of duplicatable to where if a homeowner comes up with some plans, then we are able to go in and bid that do some specifications, do some allowances.

And so in the goal of shortening our bid time, though, we have found that our construction software has just kind of left is lacking in a few areas, there’s just a few areas that we still cannot get our bedtime down on, no matter how hard we try and try and try. So Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo has been diligent about finding a new construction software, one that has everything that we’ve enjoyed and our homeowners have enjoyed so much we don’t want to take away from those features are homeowners love our software, and they love the aspect of the client view on that. And so we wanted to make sure that if we found a new software that it had everything that the clients love, and enjoy, and everything that we love, and enjoy, and then some.

And so we are super excited to announce that we have found the software. And so that is something that we will be rolling out within the next few weeks to come. And so we are excited about getting on board with this new software and testing it out and making sure that this is exactly it for us. You know, we have spent several hours worth of our time going through the demo videos, meeting with ourselves people having them demonstrate as the things that we’re frustrated with, with our current software and showing us how this new software is going to blow the competitor away as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction. And so we are confident that we are going to be able to implement this new software in a timely manner and get everything set up with their help. And that it is going to extremely cut our bid time down. We are hoping by half that’s how confident we are being in this as how faith goal we are being in this we are being faithful to just knowing that this is the right one. And so we are super excited about this.

This is something that we cannot wait to launch and we know that this is it this you know in this software is I’ve been reading for us and that we are well versed in it that this software literally can change the entire world for Chaney Construction and for its homeowners, for homeowners to be able to have so much more ease and accessibility accessibility. But for our homeowners to be able to have a bit in hand and half the amount of time that Chaney Construction is already doing which is a fourth of it is time that it’s taking other Home Builder Amarillo to do we are just absolutely so excited. And we cannot wait to have this implemented. And to be able to test this out with our homeowners get some feedback from our past homeowners, you know, let them take a look at it and see what they like best about what we were using when we built their home and what they think they like best about the new software. And so that is one thing that we want to make sure that we do is touch base back with those older homeowners that the past homeowners and make sure they get their opinion on this new software. What did they think we don’t want. If they think that our new or current software is like super great, then we don’t want to, you know why fix something if it’s not broken as a Home Builder Amarillo.

But we’re just excited about the possibility of being able to shorten our bid time. And so that was the whole goal of in finding this new software was being able to shorten our bid time. So we’re super excited about that possibility. And we hope that this transition goes smoothly. And we’re excited to get feedback from our new homeowners in our past homeowners just to see exactly where we’re at, and where we’re going to be able to maintain this level of transparency with our homeowners. That’s the other great thing about our construction software is a level of transparency that is like none other. We know we’re going to show you if you wanted granite, but you want to upgrade to court. This is the price difference. It’s there. It’s right there for you. You can see how much more you’re going to pay above and beyond what your contract price already was. And so that for us is like a game changer. So I don’t know of any other Home Builder Amarillo out there that is able to be able to offer that level of transparency to their clients. And we are super confident that what we are doing is headed in the right direction to be able to grow and maintain that level of trust and accountability and transparency with all of our homeowners. We hope everyone has a great day today. And we are excited to get this thing up in lunch. And we are excited to report back to you about what we learn and how we feel like this is going to work for us after we’ve had some time to use it.