Home Builder Amarillo | We Are Working with Variables

Good morning this is a be again as always and we just wanted to take a few minutes is ready to discuss with you and a project that we came across yesterday so this was a couple of that is new to the state new to the area of new to their jobs and and so they were looking to purchase some lots and while they were in the process of purchasing some live they also found a few other builders in the area that were willing to give them a bid on what kind of found that they were wanting to build them so we followed up with them and they had their plans and they had already had some other bids and so we got a copy of their plans and proceeded to get them.

a bit and you know there are so many other Home Builder Amarillo that it never ceases to amaze me that would we talk to people that have already talked to other Home Builder Amarillo it’s kind of the same answer through out they’ve not had discussions with these homeowners about you know what color of finishes Do you want on your fixtures like what color of door handles Do you want what color of you know faucets Do you want and some of the simplest of things that are so simple to answer a question or to ask a question about and so really you know they give them this mid and is simply not even close to being anything that the homeowner Marty been want and so while our bid may not be exact and specific until we actually signed contracts with the homeowner we still have a really good idea is a Home Builder Amarillo and what the homeowner wants what look they’re trying to achieve what they what goals they have for their home you know is it to a place for their kids to come home to Is it a place for their kids to hang out at while they’re still at home is it a place to entertain Is it a place to retire and like these are all questions that other Home Builder Amarillo do not ask their homeowners, they just slap up a bit together with lots of variables and unknowns.

And you know that to me is just not what Chaney Construction that’s about Chaney Construction we want to get to know the person first for we give them a bit. And like I said, there may not be all the specifics hammered out, we may not know exactly what fixtures are going where we may not know exactly which windows we’re using. But we provide lots of options, you know, we give a base price. So windows, for example, here’s a base price on Windows, we see that these are the types of windows that you want. And they’re extremely costly. And we’re more than happy to do those for you. There’s out where you want to spend your money. And so as a Home Builder Amarillo we showed them the pricing on both and let them select that option. let them choose if that’s a place that they want to spend their money and providing them with all these different types of options. And you know, where they’re going to get the most bang for their bag, it really helps them to be able to be in control of what is going on in their home for their home to build their home.

And so that’s what Chaney Construction is about Chaney Construction is about getting to know you as a person first, and then being able to provide you with a bid that has lots of options for you to be able to kind of pick and choose how you want to customize your home and customize your budget. You know, there may be areas that you thought Yes, this is exactly what I want. And then looking at the numbers, you realize, you know what, I think I would be happy with something a little less. And so those are just that’s just how God construction offerings. We really want to help her to be in control. And we want them to have something they’re happy with in the end, you know, and if you overspend on a helmet doesn’t really feel good. And especially if it makes you struggle financially. And so we want to be able to help them be in control of their, their process, the process of building their home so that they can enjoy for the rest of their life. And, you know, just it was just how funny and that was just a conversation, though, that my husband and I are having last night about these other bids. And, you know, we don’t know how much they did. We don’t know what all they bid. But it having talked to the homeowner this afternoon briefly for just about 1520 minutes, we realized is that she had no idea what she was getting from these other Home Builder Amarillo, like, No clue, no clue as to why and you know, she could be expected from them know, when you receive a bid for Chaney Construction.

Like I said, even if it’s not super specific, and you know, like hammered out all the specifics, and you still know exactly what you’re getting our bids, consistent, very detailed information in there, you know, down to the foundation and down to, you know, the plumbing and all of that, and exactly what you can expect to get how some of these things are going to be done, how we’re going to run, you know, the sewer line, how we’re going to which direction we’re going to run the electrical, all of those things, we want it to be very clear cut and dry, like you know exactly what you’re getting. And there is no confusion about that. And, you know, walking into it exactly what to expect. And that’s exactly how Chaney Construction operates. And we just feel like being at the very beginning creates a level of trust that helps carry us through for many, many years after the project to see if a dead that level of trust speeds, this referrals and that level of trust gates as you know, reviews that are just people raving about the things that we do for them. And that’s the thing that Chaney Construction really stands behind is that we are builders that are good enough for people to say great things about us.