Today we’re going to talk about some of the trends that have come and gone. And some of the trends that has gone and are coming back. And so um so the popular trends right now that Chaney Construction sees as a Home Builder Amarillo are really like the most popular trend right now is really farmhouse look, you know, rustic industrial and, you know, very Chip and Joanna Gaines. And so we see a lot of ship black and a lot of white kitchens and farmhouse sinks and just really all of those types of things that go into the farmhouse look, which is a fun look we really do enjoy doing that, and is a classic you know it dates back to these old time period homes and so it is a lot of fun to do. And we don’t necessarily do a lot of ship laugh. And that’s something that my husband just thinks is just retarded. And so we really try not to do a lot of that but most people really don’t want that they know that putting that up on our wall someday it’s going to have to come down because it’s going to be dated, and some other trends that we’ve seen come and go, and and come back again, our wallpaper, you know, tons of people have pulled a ton of wallpaper out of their house that wallpaper really is making a huge comeback in fact we’ve done a lot of it recently. And so even in some cases where we didn’t do wallpaper we did hand painted stencils laying on the walls to mimic wallpaper.

And so that’s a really big item that’s making a huge comeback and old fixtures. Oh my gosh. Long gone are the days of gold and now they’re back and I could not be happier. And when I think old I don’t mean you’re nasty 90s funky glossy shiny gold. I mean like we’ve got some beautiful satin bold fixtures, they’re just down right beautiful. And so, they have just kind of their own beautiful Shane of gold and matching that with a lot of Gray’s and pale colors is absolutely gorgeous. My favorite right now though as a Home Builder Amarillo, is an dark navy blue with gold fixtures in there’s have like a dark navy kitchen counter or kitchen cabinets or a dark navy vanity cabinet and with some gold, some satin gold and finishes, I think that delta is color for that is champagne bronze, and it’s just a matte, gold, and those are absolutely gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and so there are some of our favorites here at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo. We don’t get to do those very often but they are making a huge comeback and we are seeing people that want to do that more and more and more. And let’s see here some other things are. And people are kind of wanting to get back to. Simple, simple, and so, you know, that kind of goes with the farmhouse look very simple, very minimalist, you know, not a lot of froo froo stuff, and which is a lot of fun, something my husband really enjoys doing just very minimalistic.

And, you know, we do a lot of the same fixtures throughout the entire home as opposed to mixing and matching. So you know, somebody picks that heart cabinet hardware, no um simples we might do those throughout the entire house. Very simple, and we might even do maybe all polls throughout the house, whether it’s the cabinet door the cabinet drawer might do all the same, and just do a cabinet pool and on the entire house and so that’s very nice we think as a Home Builder Amarillo. And we’re doing, we’re seeing a lot of people who want to do cabinets without the hardware, which doesn’t really work so well for longevity of the drawers and drawers and so we’re seeing a lot of finger polls, which are really just a snap on to the back, and they come out and over so there’s a lot less protrusion a lot less, and going on with it and then they’re able to use that to open and shut because the cabinets, you know, and you use the oils of your fingers or your fingernails are constantly pulling at a cabinet door or Jordan the same place that does not have hardware on it, it will wear out aware off the finish it will wear out the wood there and then the material there it is, it’s pretty harsh on it to not have cabinet hardware. And so we’re seeing a lot of that and that’s just really like I said, getting back to that minimalist type of style.

And so that’s a fantastic style. But really, like I said, mostly right now we’re doing a lot of farmhouse. You know, people are really wanting to get back to some would look flooring, whether that is a tile or an LVP because hardwoods are so hard to care for in our opinion as a Home Builder Amarillo. They require so much maintenance, and you really just can’t. You really have to be super careful with it and people want low maintenance but they want that look. And so these LBP that we have nowadays are really a fantastic option for that and like I said we do a lot of those. And so those are really just kind of some of the trends that we’re seeing that are making a huge comeback. And, and, you know, It’s a lot of fun to do these things and then to see them come back it’s it’s really really nice for us as a Home Builder Amarillo. And, you know, whether we do stained cabinets for extended long period of time and then we do painted cabinets for a long period of time. Makes no difference to stain or come back eventually to you and so it’s just really all about, about a matter of preference in the longevity that you want your style and looks have with stand in your home. And so we have a lot of fun doing these styles.