Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx | What All Goes On With The Additions and Remodels?

As you look around your house and you see the level of disrepair it is you ever dream that you can somehow wake up and your house like new? Maybe even in a way that you dreamed or envisioned it to be? Well Chaney Construction Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx can hope cause that dream to become a reality. Whether it’s one of those things where you family since outgrown your home, or if your appliances or house in general is simply outdated, or even if you just want something new we are the company for you. See most people question and wonder if they actually just need to move on and find another home they really don’t want to deal with you extra mortgage and home payments that are the result of those choices and actions.

Chaney Construction Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx understands the restoration and confusion of not knowing where to start working again or even knowing what is true and false in this area but that is the exact reason why we are here. That is the reason why we are available for you. When we come to help you we start by having a checklist for our process. First we go through a survey of the home will ask questions like what is your favorite part about what was something that you would have changed or you will change if you had and have the choice? What are things you no longer love and what parts just don’t work for you anymore? I question you we are able to focus and adjust certain parts of your home, one of our mottos are “if you can dream it – we can make it happen”.

By helping eliminate some of the common myths in your mind Chaney Construction Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx can then broaden the box or even take you outside of the blocks by which many thoughts and views of our world today have shoved you and take the lids down. By freeing you we can uncover your true needs and desires to bring out your dream home. After we get all of that out of the way we are able to draw up division. By the use of updated technology we are able to create 3-D view of what the home look like. By doing this will give you a floor plan and you can choose and decide that which you change, keep, and fashion it in a way that will cause any extrovert to instantly become a homebody because of how much they love their house.

These drawings will cost you nothing if you do choose to hire us if not give me a set price that is more than reasonable and even help you with some of the plans and drawing them up. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with the function and design of your new home.

To learn more and to book an appointment for your home please visit our website www.chaneyconstructiontx.com, give us a call at 806-688-9215, and is there any more questions or you just want to see what other people think and feel about our work feel free and please do go to our Facebook page and Google reviews.

Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx | What Else Happens With the Additions and Remodel Aspects?

When Chaney Construction Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx are remodeling or creating additions for a house there are four main steps and processes. The steps and processes are as follows surveying the home, drawing up division, estimating and finish selection allowances, and different things that you need to know about remodels. Right now in this I’m going to hit on the last two points which would be as follows: estimating and finish selection allowances and things to know about remodels.

When Chaney Construction is estimating estimating provides you with the approximate cost that you will be paying so that you can plan accordingly and have no need to worry about surprises. When we estimate at least in the plans out for bid when we do that sure that there is a set allowance budget for categories that are applicable to your job such as countertops flooring plumbing etc. The numbers are Glendon you are given the ability to view everything in the able to view the options and select the ones that you like the most for your home.

Some things About remodels is that there are times where during the demo work may show us and unexpected issue were certain technical that may pops up such as faulty wiring, terrible plumbing, mold growth in the walls, problems with the foundation, leaks in the roof, produce different things like that. Something a lot of people don’t realize that whether you are home or not during business hours Chaney Construction Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx will need access to the house. This allows us to have a very timely completion to the project. This is something that you don’t like or do you feel comfortable with whom you may want to look for a different company to have come and do your remodel.

Another thing that people may not realize but that we here at Chaney Construction Home Remodeler Amarillo Tx would like to make sure you comprehend is that during remodels everything gets dirty. Typically there is at least a thin layer of construction dust covering everything even with precautions such as putting up temporary walls, and taken off doorways to try to contain the mess and putting plastic covers up and over everything. Although we do strive to keep things as clean as possible there are things that you just are unable to avoid.

As daunting as the idea may be of having a remodel happen, rest assured that we do know what we are doing and strive to make it as smooth sailing as we are physically possible to provide. Step-by-step we will do our utmost best to do a thorough, accurate, amazing job. If this is something that you are looking for and wanting for your home go to our website and learn more about us www.chaneyconstructiontx.com. If there are any questions or you would like to schedual an appointment with us, call us at 806-688-9215.