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Trying to find a home remodeler Pampa tx will be such an easy thing of the past, because we are a company that also stars in remodeling and adding new additions to the homes. We can start adding in anything that you would want us to, all we would have to do is just have to make sure your house is capable of having these additions and we can start remodeling to have it work exactly how you’re picturing it in your mind. We would do anything in our power to give you the best of what you’re picturing in your mind and form it to be the best looking thing you will have seen inside of your house in years. We want to make you fall back in love with the house you use to love so much in the beginning.

Besides being a home remodeler Pampa Tx we also provide you the services of being a custom homemaker. We have a full team full of designers who are willing to make sure everything that you have dreamt about can become a reality that you can picture yourself being inside of. We also have a draftsman who will be drawling out all of the ideas that you have so that we all can picture this great idea that you will have inside of your mind. We want to bring all of the dreams you have had into a reality and we want you to be happy and proud that this is the home that you have always dreamt about and it is now actually here.

Our company is not your average building team. Because we go above and beyond all of your expectations of what you think we actually are. We offer you more than just expertise, but passion and experience in wanting this to be the house that you always wanted and now the house that you always have your head that was a dream that you have made become a reality. You will be proud and pleased to know that this wonderful house that is being built is going to be yours.

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We are a great home remodeler Pampa Tx company called Chaney Construction that can get the job done. We do our very best to make sure all of your dreams can be come true. We are the highest and most reviewed custom home builders in the Texas Panhandle. We go by a motto that goes like we build big because you dream big. We do our very best by providing you the best service and the best quality of materials so that you and your housing will be the very best possible. We are a company that will always be striving to do our very best job that we possibly can so that you and your house will be in the best shape possible.

In our company with home remodeler Pampa Tx we strive to do the very best that we possibly can because we want your home to be everything that you wanted it to be and more. Anything we could possibly do to make this process as smooth as it can possibly go we will do because that is what we love to see. We want to take you on a path that has no bumpy holes in it and only has a smooth sailing like we are flowing through a calm storm in the ocean. We want to make sure that you are as stress-free as you possible because this process can really be like that sometimes.

The service that home remodeler Pampa Tx has to offer is the service of being able to get you your own custom home. We have a design team that will make sure that all of the details that you provided us with will be part of the plan and none of your details will be left out. You play a big part in the building of this house. Because this is your house, that is not ours, we’re building exactly where you want us to build so anything that you may come up with we will gladly do and provide it with the best quality possible. Our design team will also be working with a draftsman who will be going back and forth with plans with each other so that they can get the most out of you and the most out of each other and provide the best house they possibly can put together.

We also offer you remodeling and being able to have new additions within a house. We also include the ability to do like commercial work which means that we will help you furnish any small room, dentist office, church and basically anywhere that may be possible because you ask and we will do. Our remodeling and additions steps will be that we survey the place that is going to be worked on then once that is worked out we will draw you a vision board, so that you will be able to see for yourself and see all of what we have planned. Then, we will give you estimates and if you agree with you estimates then we will start rebuilding right there and then.

So if we sound like the place for you can give us a call at (806) 688-9215 and we will have you scheduled to have the house built within no time! We also encourage you to check out our website and go to to learn more.