Tune into Chaney Construction to learn more about Home Builder Amarillo. It’s cold here in the Texas Panhandle this morning. It’s a little bit of flaky snow this very moment 10 degrees cold cold cold. I just left my own house where I live in an older home because I don’t have it yet as we’re making plans for that in the near future I am a custom home builder number Hello in my own home this morning I are heater which we do have high efficiency he froze up because it drains outside we will get fixed very soon. Maybe even today. The problem is those new heaters that are high efficiency actually make moisture and they object that moisture down the drain. Similar to what air conditioner does. And where this monster comes from is from the cold air meeting the warm air it’s leaving out the event type of the heater well are strange outside extremely, extremely cold day like this morning. It freezes up because of I still on the line and then it won’t let it drain. So guess what. It’s pretty frustrating. So I got out there this morning. And I got out there with the picture of hot water and I thought it out and then I wrapped it up with an old sweater for the time being until we can get it fixed Custom Home Builder Amarillo won’t let things like this happen. Because we learned from what we have the mistakes that we have our own homes or we build or projects in the past.

I try to learn from every single project that I do from every single house that I work from every single thing that I do everything single thing that I’ve seen and you know what mistakes that’s why you want an experienced Custom Home Builder Amarillo because they’re going to have made mistakes and hopefully not on your own. But you know there’s always mistakes to be honest we all make mistakes and then there’s always things that maybe hopefully strive to do better Custom Home Builder Amarillo that is honest will definitely hopefully tell you that they’ve made some mistakes because mistakes are loving learning from failure rate success Custom Home Builder Amarillo will be honest with you up front with you know, we are definitely not perfect. We strive to be perfect we shop to give you the very best that we can. We really do try our very best to make everything work out great for you. But you know at times there are little mistakes that happen. But we will correct those. And hopefully, there won’t be anything major because maybe we haven’t made those mistakes or we just know those aren’t going to Custom Home Builder Amarillo will strive to make your dreams come true. And strive to make them a reality mistake free.

And whatever they do make mistakes are going to be there to back up you know we always have a small punch list typically or through the years our punch list has gotten smaller and smaller Custom Home Builder Amarillo, we strive just to make our punch list basically nothing but oftentimes, you know, there are little things and then after the homeowner moves here, there’s going to be a few little things here and there. And hopefully, those things are monitor and minimal. We don’t have to do you know anything major at all. But you know, just little touch ups are oftentimes when the homeowner moves, and they may scratch up a wall or stretch up or afraid or chip the walls or chip that pain you know, they may notice things once they’re in maybe there’s a little chip in a tour they didn’t notice. Or maybe there’s the latest album or you know, maybe there’s a loose for a handle or you know, just little minor things. And that’s what we strive for. To get all of the bigger things and we even shop to get the little things sometimes it’s just impossible to get all the little things no matter how hard you try.

So I would just be patient and I would write those things out and make a list and then contact your Custom Home Builder Amarillo and let them know little issues. And then they will schedule a time used to back in the day we would run out every single day that someone called and fix every little thing today we try to make a list and let them get a full-blown list and then just go hit all those issues at one time. Unless they’re actually crucial or there’s water going everywhere. Something which doesn’t really happen too often. So long and short of it. Just be patient with your builder be considerate of their time. Also, they can’t stop everything just because you have a chip in your pain or because you notice the board dragging or something like that just make a good list so that they know exactly what’s wrong. So why are they do come to fix that? Then you have it all written out all spelled out. And even better if you can do a little walkthrough and just explain the minor issues to the Custom Home Builder Amarillo or to whoever comes out to fix the home or make these little repairs.

Be patient with them be considerate of their time and also it will help you and your timing because you won’t have to be there for multiple trips or multiple locations. And you can just make a list as it’s convenient and try to make this list as these things come up. Because what happens is when you forget like we all do so write it down as soon as you notice it that way it doesn’t get left off the list you’re going to just help everyone in the end just to be able to come around and get this done get your film project finished and completed to 100% satisfaction Custom Home Builder Amarillo  will have a system for this and if you’ll just follow their system you’ll just you’ll be way more pleased in the end and happier with the end results you won’t have a bunch of little things straggling lingering out because we have we do our very best to get all those done for you and Custom Home Builder Amarillo will absolutely make sure 100% that your home is to your satisfaction and even for years to come. You know we have a one year warranty but oftentimes we go way past that we just go do little things for our customers here on there and it’s not always that we do those but pretty much for quite a few years we do so Custom Home Builder Amarillo is here to please you and satisfy you can make your home the very best that it can be for many years to come. Thank you.